Friday, March 3, 2017

TV Review: Revenge: Plea(4.22)

                                                      Revenge: Plea(4.22)Review
  • I like that Emily's lawyer tries to convince her to let him try to get a plea deal and I like that Emily refuses since she's not guilty of the crime their accusing her of.
  • I like that Nolan was able to track down Mason Treadwell by hacking into security feeds although he still needs to narrow down an exact location, I liked that Jack remarked that only Mason Treadwell would take a limo to a trailer park.
  • I like that Louise is setting up Victoria's funeral and that she's worrying about how Marguex isn't letting herself grieve.
  • I liked that when Emily was let out on bail and put on house arrest that Ben said that he chose this job because he knows that Emily is already trying to figure away off her monitor and he wants to be the one to tell her not to do it.
  • I like that Nolan was working on a way to hack into Emily's monitor so that she could leave without alerting the police that she left.
  • I like that Jack is involved in all this because he wants to help Emily out and that he's choosing to be a part of this, this time instead of being forced into a corner like he usually is.
  • I like that Emily is finally honest with Jack about she feels about him even though I don't ship the two of them together I'm glad that Emily's finally at the point when she can admit what she really wants.
  • I liked how Charlotte told Louise that she didn't want to go to Victoria's funeral and that her mother was the most manipulative person she had ever met and that she is now healthier than she had ever been.
  • I liked that Louise became slightly suspicious when Charlotte mentioned that Victoria faked her own death before.
  • I liked that David tried to stop Emily from going looking for Mason because he knows that she would get caught but I'm not surprised at all that she didn't listen to him.
  • I liked that Jack told Marguex that he didn't believe that Emily did it because there are too many clues leading to her as Victoria's killer and that the whole thing is sloppy which isn't like Emily at all.
  • I like that Jack quickly figured out that Marguex is in on framing Emily for Victoria's death.
  • I like that David try to cover for Emily when Ben came over but it didn't help her in the end.
  • I liked that Emily figured out that Mason left with Victoria just the day before.
  • I liked that when David told Jack that he should have stopped her that Jack pretty much told him that you can't stop Emily from doing something when she decides she has to do it.
  • I liked that Nolan told Louise that although he adores how loyal she is that her loyalty to Victoria is misplaced and he doesn't understand why she doesn't see Victoria the way that everyone else does. I also liked that when Louise says Victoria is the only one who cared about her that Nolan told her she knows that's not true implying that he still cares about her.
  • I'm worried about David because it looks like his illness is taking a turn for the worse.
  • I like that Jack and Nolan with help from Jack's friend were able to get Marguex arrested which allows Emily to get her alone in a room with her.
  • I liked that Emily was able to break out of her cell and into Marguex and that she threatened Marguex with torture in order to figure out how Vitoria staged her own murder.
  • I like that Emily told Ben all that she learned about how Victoria staged her death which included how she used someone else body and switched their dental records.
  • I liked that Louise found some evidence that suggest Victoria stage Emily attacking her which led Louise into thinking that maybe Victoria is framing Emily for her murder and she tells Ben all of this.
  • I like that Ben ended up looking into Emily's claims and he sees that they turn out to be the truth.
  • I liked that Louise was believing that Nolan was right about Victoria this time and I dislike how Marguex made her think he was liar again because her and Victoria's scheme was coming to light.
  • I felt so bad for Emily when her dad told her that he only had six more months left to live and I love how she refused to let him just give up even though there really isn't anything that can be done to save his life.
  • I liked that Ben was able to track down Victoria but sadly he was killed before he could reveal the truth to anyone.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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