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TV Review: Sweet/Vicious: The Writing on the Wall(1.02)

                             Sweet/Vicious: The Writing on the Wall(1.02)Review
  • I liked how the episode started with Jules and Ophelia in a graveyard after dumping the body surrounded by cops and I liked how when Jules got a text from Tyler that Ophelia told her to read so that it would distract them from what is going on.
  • I liked that things then went to 24hours earlier which is the end of last episode which is when they find Ophelia's car and the body missing although luckily it is only because Ophelia parked in a loading zone and their car has been towed.
  • I liked that when Jules tried to ask suri how long it takes for a body to start smelling on her phone that Ophelia smacked it out of her hand and told her not to do those type of things on an unsecure network.
  • I liked that when they found out that they needed two thousand dollars in order to get Ophelia's car back that Jules thought she might as well just call her dad and tell him she's going to jail while Ophelia told her she got this covered and then goes into the record store that Harris works at and starts getting her stash money to use to pay for the car.
  • I liked that Harris wondered if Jules was Ophelia's girlfriend rather than just a friend.
  • I liked that when Ophelia mentions that even after she took all the money from the register they're still five hundred short and then Jules mentions the sorority has a fund for party supply that they can use which Ophelia calls a drug fund although Jules disagrees.
  • I liked that Kennedy was really worried about Jules didn't come home the night before.
  • I was surprised to learn that Jules's dad is a cop and that he asked one of the local cops to look after her so she has a good relationship with the cops which helps them get Ophelia's car back more easily.
  • I liked that when Ophelia saw a girl who clearly had been raped but was ignored by the school and it looks like the cops are going to too that she starts thinking that maybe her and Jules should help her.
  • I liked that apparently Ophelia suggested dissolving the body in acid multiple times.
  • I liked that the girls are going to bury the body in a graveyard because that is actually a pretty good idea.
  • I liked that when Jules had problems with getting out of Ophelia's car that Ophelia said that she can't believe that Jules is a vigilante.
  • I like that Kennedy is a bit worried about Jules hanging out with Ophelia because Ophelia is a drug dealer.
  • I liked that Jules went on a date with Tyler an hour before she and Ophelia planned to get rid of the body so that Kennedy and the other girls at the house wouldn't get suspicious.
  • I liked that although Ophelia seems to not really be taking things seriously that it's clear she affected by killing a guy because she keeps seeing that guy dying but the way she chooses to deal with that is looking up information on the next guy for Jules to take down.
  • I liked how Jules and Tyler bonded over them both loosing a parent when they were young.
  • I liked how Kennedy called Ophelia over and asked her about what she is doing with Jules because she is worried about Jules and I liked that Ophelia told Kennedy that she steals test to take them not answer keys to cheat on test.
  • I liked that Ophelia causally did a drug deal at the record store and then lied to Harris about doing it.
  • I liked that when Jules started freaking out because Nate was there that Ophelia noticed and made the two guys leave right away.
  • I liked that Jules told Ophelia that they had to remove the teeth and the hands because that is how bodies are identified.
  • I liked that Ophelia now knows that Jules has yet to go after her rapist.
  • I liked that the cops came to the graveyard because of frat boys and not because they were getting rid of body so they were able to get away with it in the end.
  • I felt bad for Harris when he was arrested for no real reason and I agree with him that it was because of racism but at least he now has a topic for his paper.
  • I was sad when Jules pretty much told Ophelia that they're not friends and she never wants to see her again but I can understand why Jules wants things to go back to normal now that someone has died.
  • I liked that Ophelia realized that Jules's friends have no idea what happened to her and that she is trying to be there for Jules.
  • I liked that Ophelia and Jules both come to the conclusion by the end of the episode that they need to keep doing it although for different reason.
  • I liked how when Ophelia showed Jules the wall in the girls bathroom that has the names of a bunch of girls rapist on it that Jules adds the name of hers.
  • I liked that the episode ended with Jules and Ophelia doing their first official takedown together.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

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