Monday, March 6, 2017

TV Review: Notorious: Missing(1.05)

                                                Notorious: Missing(1.05)Review
  • I like that Julia is clearly effected by seeing Levi kill himself at the end of last episode and seems to feel guilty now that killed himself because of how her show reported a story that drove him to it.
  • I like that Jake and Julia seem to be a bit at odds with how to deal with Levi's suicide with how Jake's using it as a way to prove Oscar's innocence and Julia is more trying to make things right by Levi now that she feels somewhat responsible for Levi's death.
  • I liked that we learned that Jake was adopted after he takes case where a young woman is a surrogate mother for a couple we backed out of the deal at the last moment.
  • I liked that DA isn't really interested in being on Julia's show and that she spends quite a bit of time convincing him to be on the show.
  • I liked that the judge found the surrogate agency to be kind of suspicious with how the agency has the surrogates go to another country to get impregnated but sadly the law still seemed to be in the surrogate agency favor.
  • I liked that after Julia played that video of Levi on the show that the DA called her out for possibly driving a man to suicide, witness his suicide and then the next day run his name through the mud again.
  • I liked that Jake talked to Julia the next day about what happened on her show the day before and that he pointed out that her show was solid before she put up the video but that a solid show just isn't goo enough she needs something more.
  • I liked that Jake used Julia's show in order to find the biological parents of the surrogate's baby and I was surprised to learn that the baby were actually adopted by another couple that isn't the biological parents and that they were told that the surrogate was miscarried and that they paid 200,000 when the surrogate was only getting 50,000 dollars.
  • I was glad that in the end that the baby went to the adopted parents who will love and care for the baby.
  • I can't blame Oscar for firing Jake after finding out that he slept with his wife and now I'm just wondering if this will end up hurting Oscar or Jake more in the end.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

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