Tuesday, June 17, 2014

TV Review: Star-Crossed: To Seek a Foe(1.07)

                                           Star-Crossed: To Seek a Foe(1.07)Review
  • I like that Emery's family was so willing to be there for Grayson after what happened with him finding out that his parents are terrorists, I also like that Emery wants to be there for Grayson even though she has feelings for Roman.
  • I like that Roman and Drake still see Zoe as a threat and that they make plans to stop her and to prevent black cypher from spreading.
  • I liked how when Grayson mentioned he doesn't want to talk about his mom and when no one could think of anything else to say that Eric mentioned that he was failing trig and Julia offered to tutor him in it and when Julia mentioned how her car wasn't working right Eric offered to fix it for her.
  • I like how Lucas told Sofia that he admires her taste when it comes to Taylor and that Sofia mentions that Atrians don't choose who they love based on gender.
  • I was really worried about Lucas when he inhaled cypher and almost died from it.
  • I liked how when Emery and Sofia showed up at the hospital to see what the doctors were saying about Lucas's condition that his mom was glad that they were both there to support Lucas and that she mentioned that Lucas talks about Sofia a lot.
  • I like that Drake actually seemed to care about Taylor when he was talking to her after she was freaking out about what happened to Lucas and he was trying to figure out were Zoe was.
  • I like that Taylor once she realized that nothing was going on between Drake and Zoe started to worry that something might have happened to her and that's why she gives Drake her address, it's also a bit sad how much Taylor really loves Zoe when we know that Zoe hates her.
  • I like that Roman ends up telling Emery about everything that he knows about going on with the Trags, black cypher and why the two of them can't be together.
  • I like that Grayson told his mom how mad he is with her for lying to him and being a terrorist but I disliked how his mom put the idea into his head that Emery was just using him to get to his parents which isn't true at all but it's something that Grayson might start to believe once he say Emery and Roman kiss.
  • I like that Eric ended up fixing Julia's car and he said that she could repay him with tutoring him.
  • I like that the black cypher was destroyed and that Zoe it seems was defeated along with it.
  • I loved how Roman and Emery had an underwater kiss and that once they were back on land they also had I'm so glad we're both still alive kiss.
  • I like that Sofia insisted that she would be the one that would cure Lucas.
  • I like that Drake lied to Taylor about Zoe in order to spare her feelings because he could see how much Zoe matter to Taylor.
  • I liked how Roman told Emery that he wouldn't hold her to the kisses they shared earlier and I love that Emery told Roman that she was going to hold him to the kisses and that she wanted to be with him and that while she wants to be there as a friend for Grayson she knows she can't be there as a girlfriend when she feels the way she does about Roman.
  • I'm worried about how this one teacher knows about Julia being cured by cypher.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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