Monday, June 30, 2014

TV Review: Reign: Royal Blood(1.12)

                                                Reign: Royal Blood(1.12)Review
  • I think it's sad how Clarissa had decided that she should spy on Henry and Charles as a way for the three of them to feel like a family to her.
  • I like that Mary decided to take Henry and Charles to the village frost fair in order to cheer them up but I was sad that they were attacked before they get to the festival.
  • I like that both Mary and Bash are very concerned with the safety of Henry and Charles even though they have different ways they think they should go about it with Mary thinking they're safest at court and Bash thinks they would be safer a way from court so that they could have a normal life.
  • I liked that Mary promised Catherine that she would take care of Henry and Charles and that Mary wanted to also bring Clarissa out of the shadow although Catherine disagreed with that idea.
  • I liked how Mary told Bash that she would the one that they king would side with so him disagreeing with her means very little but I disliked how Mary implied that Bash didn't love his brother.
  • I liked how Lola went to Paris in order to pay off her brother's gambling debt but I hated how the guy he owed the debt to instead that in order to consider the debt paid Lola would have to sleep with him.
  • I thought that it was pretty smart of Catherine and Nostrodamus came up with a plan that she would fake her own suicide so that she could escape.
  • I liked how Bash had a frost fair brought to the castle so that Henry and Charles could have a fun day.
  • I loved that Francis was able to save Lola from having to sleep with that one guy that her brother owes a debt to while still having her brother's debt forgiven. I also just really enjoyed seeing Francis again since I missed him much more than I realized I did.
  • I liked that it turned out that Bash arranged that Charles and Henry taken to safety at the frost fair because he thought that was what was best for them.
  • I liked how Charles remembered that Clarissa was his friend at the castle and that he explained to Henry who she was when Clarissa came and took the boys away from the driver who Bash had paid to take care of them.
  • I liked how Francis and Lola connected with each other and that they opened up to each other about how they feel empty and things that made them sad.
  • I like that Catherine refused to leave until she knew that her sons are safe and I like that she went with Mary and Bash to find Henry and Charles.
  • I liked that Catherine tried to talk Clarissa out of killing Charles by saying that she would be her mother and that can all be a family.
  • I liked that Mary killed Clarissa in order to save Henry's life and I liked that this act finally convinced Catherine that Mary never wanted to hurt her family despite the way things turned out.
  • I liked that Francis decided to return to court in order to stop his mother's execution from happening.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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