Friday, June 6, 2014

TV Review: Grimm: Eyes of the Beholder(3.10)

                                          Grimm: Eyes of  the Beholder(3.10)Review
  • I liked the interactions between Jared and his girlfriend Joy at the beginning of the episode they were cute together and I was scared for him after he saw a Wesson gang beat another Wesson to death.
  • I liked how Nick told Juliette at the beginning of the episode that he found out that her friend Alicia is a Wesson but that he thought it was best that they didn't let her know they know because he was afraid her finding out he's a Grimm would scare her.
  • I was surprised to learn that Jared was the younger brother of Hank's physical therapist Zuri and I found it very awkward how Hank and Nick had to bring her brother into custody because of how Hank and Zuri have been having a flirty relationship up to this point.
  • I liked that Jared and Zuri eventually decided to testify against the gang after they were attacked by members of the gang at their apartment.
  • I found it interesting that Rosalee knew about Wesson gangs due to buying drugs from them from when she was younger. I also liked how Rosalee mentioned how she was glad that she didn't have to hide her past from Monroe even though it isn't something she's proud of.
  • I liked how Juliette wanted to tell Alicia that she was accepting of her Wesson nature even though that ended up making things awkward between them. I also liked the conversation between Juliette and Rosalee where Rosalee tells her how often times Wessons try to hide the fact that their Wessons from even other Wessons because most people aren't accepting of them in the way that Juliette, Nick and Hank are.
  • I liked that after Juliette and Nick help to defend Alicia from her husband that Alicia was able to not only believe that Nick won't hurt her just because he's a grimm and that she was willing to show Juliette her Wesson form and that Juliette hugged her afterwards.
  • I was really surprised to learn that Zuri and Jared were Wesson towards the end of the episode because they both were able to control themselves really well in highly stressful situations through out the episode.
  • I found it sad that while Hank was able to accept Zuri Wesson nature and all she wasn't able to accept herself.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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