Monday, June 30, 2014

TV Review: Star-Crossed: An Old Accustom'd Feast(1.08)

                                   Star-Crossed: An Old Accustom'd Feast(1.08)Review
  • I liked how this episode dealt with an Atrian holiday that Castor described as a mixture of thanksgiving and Christmas because I found that interesting to hear about.
  • I like how Roman and Emery had been sneaking around for sometime to share kisses with each other which they agreed to keep secret because they were worried that other people will react badly to their relationship.
  • I like that when Roman invited Emery to the Atrian holiday that he joked about how it's something that would mean nothing to her although it was clear that it did indeed mean something to Emery.
  • I liked how Emery was worried about whether or not Roman's mother would like her and that she even asked Sofia the traditions of the Atrian holiday in order to impress her which didn't end up working.
  • I liked that Sofia had invited Julia to come over for the Atrian holiday.
  • I liked how Julia spent most of the episode trying to prevent that one scientist lady from using her to research cypher and I'm glad that even when she did have to give up some information on cypher she never ended up giving away the full secret of cypher.
  • I liked how it was mentioned that Roman invites Drake to celebrate the holiday with him every year but Drake always ends up refusing to come although this year Roman was actually able to convince him.
  • I liked that Grayson while upset with Emery during their break up that he wasn't really unfair to her even though he didn't want anything to do with her anymore.
  • I liked how Roman told Gloria that he wasn't going to trust her because of the affair she had with his father but since he's still believes in integration he will still work with her on the program.
  • I liked that Castor and Roman were able to convince the trags to not kill any of the humans that were coming to the sector for the holiday.
  • I was sad that Drake was told that he would have to get his markings remove and move another city to work for the trags when he clearly didn't want to. I like that Roman made sure that this didn't happen but securing the release of a prisoner for the trags who turned out to not be a trag or violent.
  • I disliked how much Roman's mother seemed to hate Emery because it's not Emery's fault in anyway that her husband died but at the same time I can understand why she was mad at her.
  • I liked how Sofia figured out that Emery was the girl that saved Roman's life by the fact that Emery made string into a star shape for a little girl.
  • I'm sad that Grayson seems to be warming up to the idea of joining red hawks but it is understandable from the information that he has which is mostly half truths at this point.
  • I find the whole thing with the Atrian ship flight recorder to be very interesting with how it put Emery in the memories of the person piloting the ship and it revealed to her that Castor shot the pilot. I also liked that Emery told Roman this information.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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