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TV Review: Reign: Sacrifice(1.10)

                                                  Reign: Sacrifice(1.10)Review
  • I liked how Mary went and found Bash after he didn't come to court to do the duty of the regent because Mary knows that Bash doesn't know how to do the job of king and he really does need to come to court in order to learn how to do the job.
  • I like that Bash recognizes that his life is very much in danger at the moment due to what legitimizing a bastard could do to other noble families but he is willing to face this threat in order to do what Mary wants of him.
  • I liked how Bash wonder if he might die of boredom while listening to the people in court and I liked that Mary told him to take things seriously.
  • I find it quite impressive that Catherine was able to plot an attack on Bash's life and control a good chunk of the castle's servants all from within her jail cell.
  • I loved how Mary reminded the servants that Henry is someone to fear and that if they follow Catherine's wishes they will be likely be punished by him and that Mary order everything and everyone to be taken away from Catherine.
  • I found it interesting that Bash's cousin Isabelle who is pregnant is the daughter of a convicted traitor who Catherine thought Bash was lovers with but in fact the fact that their related would actually have put him in more danger of execution than Catherine's original assumptions.
  • I like that Mary and her ladies dressed Isabelle up in fancy clothes to disguise her in order to sneak her out of the castle in order to get her somewhere safe.
  • I liked how Lola, Greer and Kenna went to Catherine's cell in order to take away what she needs to write notes and to see if she'd let anything slip that could be used against her.
  • I disliked how Catherine insulted Kenna, Greer and Lola and I like that Lola stood up to her.
  • I liked how Bash said that he thought of Isabelle as a younger sister of sorts and how he had always looked out for her.
  • I liked how Isabelle told Mary that while she could see Bash married to Mary because of the way he looks at her she could never imagine him as king since it require him to make decisions that could hurt his loved ones for the good of the country and pretend he likes people he can't stand.
  • I liked how Mary knew how to get Isabelle through the birth of her baby because she has seen the nuns deliver babies plenty of times.
  • I liked how Kenna didn't respond to Catherine's taunts and instead calm got up and walked away once Catherine gave her something she could use against her.
  • I liked how Mary learned this episode that Bash's family on his mother's side were once Pagans and I liked how when Mary was ranting about how evil Pagans were that Bash told her that most Pagans are nothing like how she describes her and that while he himself isn't actually a Pagan he just picked up some of the prayers but he doesn't see being Pagan as evil in anyway expect for the fraction that believes it serves a beast that feeds on human blood.
  • I like that Mary told Bash that she realized that he would do anything for his family no matter the cost to himself and while she thinks that's a noble thing to do it isn't something that a king can afford to do.
  • I like that Mary tells Bash that he has a choice in whether or not he wants to be king and I also like that Bash answers that he wants to marry her because he's saying that he wants something entirely different than what she asked him.
  • I was sad that Isabelle ended up dying because of complications with child birth after the baby was born but I like that Bash intends to keep his promise to keep the baby safe and find a family to raise it.
  • I liked how Lola revealed to Catherine that Greer forged Catherine's handwriting in order to write a letter that proves that Catherine tried to kill Bash and another that used Catherine's money to throw a feast in Bash and Mary's honor.
  • I liked how Lola told Catherine that she thinks that Catherine is the bitter one and that she doesn't care why Catherine abuses her power she just wants to take that power away from Catherine forever.
  • I think it's sweet that Bash says that he would be loyal to Mary over a country but I also think that, that's something that would make him a bad king as well.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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