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TV Review: The 100: Earth Kills(1.03)

                                              The 100: Earth Kills(1.03)Review
  • I liked how this episode showed what happened that got Clarke's father executed even though I was able to figure out most of what happened from it being mentioned in other episodes it was still nice to see it.
  • I was pretty worried about Jasper since his wound was infected and his condition didn't seem to be improving but I liked that Clarke refused to give up on his recovery.
  • I liked how Clarke told this little girl Charlotte after she woke up from a nightmare and told her about how it was about her parents being floated that she said she could relate to that and how she sees earth as a place where they can move past all the bad stuff in their lives.
  • I was glad to see that Atom was actually killed at the end of last episode but was instead just hung up in a tree for the night as punishment for disobeying Bellamy.
  • I liked how Octavia told Bellamy off for making it so Atom refuses to be near her I especially liked how she told him to not involve her in his power trips.
  • While I didn't like how Bellamy thought that it Jasper was a lost cause I did like that he at least gave Clarke another day to find away to save him before he was willing to kill him.
  • I like that Clarke, Monty and Octavia all refused to give up on Jasper even though his condition has yet to improve.
  • I like that Clarke figured out that what the grounders put on Jasper's wounds had healed most of his other wounds other than the one infected one and I liked that Wells was able to figure out that it was seaweed.
  • I liked that when Bellamy and his group of hunters found Charlotte following them that he first warned her that it was safe out there and when she made it clear that she wasn't just a little girl he gave her a knife so she could defend herself.
  • I found the whole yellow-orange cloud that seems burn you alive to be really frightening since if you aren't close to any shelter it will definitely kill you and also the whole idea of having to out run a cloud is really frightening to me.
  • I like that even when Clarke was really telling Wells how much she hates Wells for turning her father in that Finn doesn't take advantage of this situation at all and instead tries to keep peace between the three of them while their trapped inside the abandoned car.
  • I liked how when Bellamy hears Charlotte crying out due a nightmare he wakes her up and then he tells her that she has conquer her fears by slaying her demons while she's awake so she won't be afraid when she goes to sleep which seemed like fairly good advice and I liked how gentle he was with her.
  • I liked how when Murphy decided that he was just going to kill Jasper that Octavia and Monty made sure that he couldn't get anywhere near Jasper.
  • I liked how Finn pointed out to Clarke how it just doesn't seem to make any sense for Wells to have been the one that turned in her father and that this leads Clarke to rethinking things and seeing how he's right about it not making sense.
  • I liked how when Atom was found pretty much dead because of the effects of the yellow-orange cloud and begging for death that even though Bellamy knows that there's nothing that can be done to save him and he sent everyone else back to camp that he was unable to make himself kill Atom and in the end Clarke ended up killing Atom for Bellamy because she saw that he couldn't.
  • I liked that when they all returned back to the crash site that Bellamy order that they get Clarke everything she needs.
  • I liked that Octavia was mad at Bellamy for Atom's death even though it really wasn't his fault but it also made me sad that she refused to listen to him at the same time.
  • I liked how Octavia told Jasper while Clarke was finishing up healing him that he wasn't allowed to die.
  • I like that Clarke figured out that her mother was the one that turned her father in not Wells and that her and Wells made up by the end of the episode.
  • I was really glad that Jasper woke up by the end of the episode and that Clarke, Monty, Octavia and Finn were all really happy to see him awake.
  • I was really surprised that Charlotte ended up killing Wells because she saw his father killing her parents every night in her dreams so she felt she has to kill Wells to slay her demons which I think is a bit unfair since Wells hasn't done anything to her but at least she was crying as she killed him. I was sad that Wells ended up dying especially since him and Clarke had just made up.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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