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TV Review: The 100: Twilight's Last Gleaming(1.05)

                                    The 100: Twilight's Last Gleaming(1.05)Review
  • I felt bad for Clarke when she was telling Finn that them being together was about her wanting to be with him not just wanting to be with someone because I don't believe that he feels the same way about her despite what he says before Raven affairs.
  • I like how Abby when she hears that the council chose to kill 300 people that day that she begged the Chancellor to just wait longer in order to hear back from Raven, I'm also glad that Abby was given work release instead of just being executed.
  • I liked how when Clarke suggested bringing back some of the supplies from the bunker that Finn points out that by doing that they'd have reveal where they found that stuff and that would mean giving up their safe hiding place.
  • I liked how when Finn brought up wishing on a star that Clarke was completely confused with the whole logic of why someone would wish on a star.
  • I liked how excited Octavia was when she saw Raven's rocket crashing down to earth with how she yelled for Bellamy right away when she saw it and wanted to go look for it right away.
  • I liked how Clarke and Finn theorize about what had been sent down from the ark with how the both thought it was mostly supplies Finn thought weapons and Clarke thought food of some sort.
  • I liked that Clarke pretty much implied that her sleeping with Finn was a mistake because it distracted her from the goal of trying to contact the ark in some way.
  • I liked how when Clarke returned to camp and saw that Bellamy was gone already despite telling everyone else to wait into morning to find the ship that Clarke knew right away that he was going after the radio and that she was mad at herself for not realizing it earlier.
  • I liked how Octavia followed and confronted Bellamy about him seeming like he was only looking out for himself when she found him going off to find the ship alone.
  • I like that Bellamy finally told Octavia that he shot the Chancellor in order to get on the drop ship because he need to protect her and I like that Octavia told him that she never asked him to do any of this even he did do everything for her and he agreed that he was the one that made the choice, I liked this scene even if I do dislike these two being at odds with each other
  • I like how Abby shows her frustrated she is by not being able to help most of the sick patients because what they need is oxygen and the ark simply doesn't have enough of it.
  • I liked how the Chancellor tried to get Kane to be the one that would the killing of the people because it's really been Kane's agenda all along.
  • I liked how when Clarke found Raven in her ship that the two girls ended up smiling at each other as well as when Raven got to take her first steps on earth.
  • I felt bad for Clarke when she had to see Finn kiss Raven right in front of her and not being able to say anything about it but on the other hand I thought Raven was pretty cute with how she was saying it wasn't much of a challenge to rebuild the ship and I did feel a bit bad for her as well, I just thought that Finn was an ass for his behavior over the last two episodes.
  • I liked that Clarke told Finn that she didn't want to talk about what happened with them last night and instead focused on helping Raven and didn't direct any angry at her for how Finn had misled her.
  • I liked how Raven when she figured out who Clarke was told her how mom was the one that set up this whole thing and told her about the voting on 300 people dying thing.
  • I liked how when Abby told the Chancellor that him wanting to die with his people tonight wasn't noble but cowardly and that she believes that they haven't went through every possible option that would prevent more people from dying.
  • I liked how the truth of why Bellamy was so dead set against anyone from the ark coming done was revealed to Clarke and Finn. I also liked how Raven told Bellamy that he was lousy shot and he didn't kill the Chancellor.
  • I liked that after Clarke hears that Bellamy didn't kill the Chancellor that she tells him this means he isn't a killer and that who is, is someone that would anything to protect his sister. I also liked that after hearing this and that 300 people will die today if they don't contact the ark that Bellamy tells them he through the radio in the lake.
  • I liked how Abby released her husband's video to the public  of him explaining that the ark is dying and added her own part to the video about how the council will kill 300 people today.
  • I found it very sad but also very noble and brave that so many people were willing to die in order to give their loved ones more time to survive and I liked that knowing this information really did bring out the best in people.
  • I think that despite Bellamy not saying much on the matter I think he does indeed feel bad that 300 people could die today because of him.
  • I like how Raven when she found the radio said that she would probably be able to fix it but it would take at least a day to dry out and I like that she pointed out that they didn't need to talk to the ark to let them know their alive just send them a signal which she thought up the idea of rockets.
  • I like how Clarke was very calm in her acceptance that her and Finn won't be thing and that she was understanding of his relationship with Raven even though I feel that Finn didn't fully deserve her understanding.
  • I liked how Raven told Clarke that she's never seen anyone love anyone as much as her mom loves her.
  • I liked how Kane convinced the Chancellor not to die because he realized that the Chancellor is the leader they need because he can inspire the people.
  • I like that Kane finally seems to be willing to work with Abby rather than against her with helping the saving of the people of the ark with how he has someone monitoring the radio.
  • I found the whole sequences with the people being put to sleep than to death to be very sad but also very powerful thing to watch.
  • I both liked and found it sad that when Clarke told Bellamy to make a wish on star that he said he wouldn't even know what to wish for.
  • I'm pretty worried about Octavia since she has suffered a pretty serious head wound and is getting kidnapped by a grounder.
  • I'm glad that the people on the Ark now have some form of confirmation that the 100 are alive.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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