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TV Review: The 100: Earth Skills(1.02)

                                                 The 100: Earth Skills(1.02)Review
  • I liked how this episode started pretty much right after the last one ended. I liked that when Clarke heard Jasper scream that she demanded that they all go back to save him.
  • I liked how Wells buried the guys that died during the crash and that he took their clothes and he planned to give them to people based off who needs it the most.
  • I liked how Wells told Bellamy that they way in which he is ruling is chaos and that there isn't anyway that he can hope to control all of this.
  • I liked that Wells tried to stop John Murphy from taking off the wristband of this one girl and doing it slowly so that it looks like they died of natural causes, I liked that when Murphy pulled out the knife during the fight that Bellamy stopped the fight momentarily in order to give Wells a knife so that it's a fair fight.
  • I liked that when Clarke walked into the camp site and told Wells to stop the fight that he did and that Bellamy made sure that Murphy did too.
  • I liked how when Clarke saw that everyone was taking off their wristbands that Clarke told them all that the arc was dying so that means by taking it off their killing everyone on the arc and that there are other people on earth and they are in danger from them and need help to survive.
  • I liked how after Clarke's speech Bellamy starts his own speech and he tells everyone that those on the arc sees them as criminals only and that he doesn't and that they no longer have to play by the rules of those who sent them to prison and that he believes that they can survive on their own.
  • I liked that Monty wanted to come on the rescue mission to find Jasper because he's his best friend and that he was also the one that convince Clarke that she needed to let Wells go along since no one else volunteered to come on the rescue mission.
  • I like that Clarke didn't let Monty come on the rescue mission because their going to need his engineering and pharmidical skills if they want to survive and contact the arc.
  • I like that Bellamy was cleaning Octavia's cut and was showing concern for her and that when Clarke walked up to him she mentioned that Jasper is the one that saved her life.
  • I liked that Clarke convinced Bellamy to go on the rescue mission with her by saying that the people see both her and him as leaders and that he's the only one that is looking scared at the moment.
  • I liked how Bellamy told Adam one of his most loyal followers to look after Octavia and that he announces before he leaves that anyone who touches her he will kill.
  • I liked how Bellamy tells Murphy that their only going on the rescue mission in order to get the wristband off of Clarke's risk but Clarke tells him early on that the only way that the wristband is coming off is if she's dead.
  • I like that Finn did eventually come to join the rescue mission because he does in fact have good tracking skills which is probably what ended up allowing them to find Jasper.
  • I liked how Bellamy told Wells that they are the same because they both came down to earth in order to protect someone they love, Bellamy with Octavia and Wells with Clarke.
  • I liked how Adam stopped one guy from hooking up with Octavia because he knew that Bellamy was serious about killing anyone that tried to get with her and I liked how he mentioned that guy was charged with murder but he's actually trying to protect him from her.
  • I liked that Octavia ended up locked up in the ship for quite awhile with Monty and he told her about how much Jasper means to him and she was willing to help him try to make the wristband into a radio, I liked that just before she leaves she tells him that Jasper would understand why he couldn't go on the rescue mission to find him.
  • I liked how Adam told Octavia that she's lucky that she has someone that loves her and would do anything for her but he also says he knows that her life has been worse than his but he still envies how much her brother loves her.
  • I liked how Raven a young genius mechanic figured out that something was going on with the prisoners and that the council was keeping something from everyone so she decided to spy on Abigail and that she told Abigail that the 100 were taking the wristbands off not dying.
  • I liked that Raven was willing to fix the ship for Abigail but only if she could come with her because her boyfriend was one of the 100 so she wants to make sure he's okay.
  • I like that when Clarke almost fell down the hole that Bellamy saved her even though he claimed that all he cared about was making the people on the arc think she was dead but this shows that he isn't willing to kill her to get that result.
  • I like that Wells killed the panther I think that attacked them and that ended up saving the group.
  • I'm glad that they were able to save Jasper and that they were able to bring food back for everyone.
  • I liked how when they were demanding that wristbands be taken off in order to get food and then Clarke tells Finn that she refuses to do it that Finn tells she doesn't have to and he takes food and when Murphy tries to tell them to follow the rules Finn points out their aren't any rules and Clarke then gets food.
  • I was sad that Adam died but I wasn't surprised after he hooked up with Octavia and Bellamy found out about it I wasn't surprised that Bellamy made good on his promise to kill anyone that touches his sister.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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