Monday, June 30, 2014

TV Review: Reign: The Consummation(1.13)

                                           Reign: The Consummation(1.13)Review
  • I liked how Catherine was planning Mary's wedding and her own death at the same time because if she had to die she wanted it to be memorable.
  • I liked how both Francis and Lola want each other to end up happily married to other people one day.
  • I liked that we met Mary's mother Marie even if she isn't the nicest of mother's with how she manipulates things and doesn't seem to have the highest of opinions of Mary despite having barely ever spent any time with her through out her life.
  • I liked that Mary could figure out right a way that her mother wouldn't allow for her to marry Bash.
  • I liked that when Francis and Lola returned to court that Mary and Francis couldn't stop staring at each other and didn't seem to notice anything else that was going on around them.
  • I liked that Nostrodamus had visions that proved to him that Francis marrying Mary won't lead to his death and that he tells this Catherine even though he knows it will enrage her that his mistakes have almost led to her death.
  • I liked that before Catherine convinced Francis to fight for Mary that he didn't plan to come between Mary and Bash despite him still being in love with Mary.
  • I was sad to see Francis and Bash be so angry with each other over their relationship with Mary with them both wanting the other gone but hopeful things will improve between them one day.
  • I liked how Mary did eventually believe that the visions have changed and that she can now marry Francis if she chooses to but she ended up having a hard time choosing between Francis and Bash because she does love them both.
  • I liked that Catherine gave Mary a blank letter that she could use to say it was word from the Vatican that she could say either approved or disproved of Bash becoming king and I liked that Catherine told her that she loves either Francis or Bash more.
  • I liked that scene were Mary tells Bash that she can't marry him that they both clearly still care for each other it's just that she loves Francis more.
  • I loved how when Mary tells Francis that he's the one that she loves most that she runs up to him and kisses him and tells him how his mother allowed her to make her own choice in the end.
  • I liked how Kenna was able to convince Henry to write letters for her to get her a husband at court but I dislike that Kenna restarted a relationship with him.
  • I liked how Lola told Kenna that she doesn't think a relationship with Henry is a good idea and I liked that Kenna told Lola that she knows something happened between her and Francis.
  • I really enjoyed seeing Francis and Mary's wedding since the two of them were so clearly happy to be with each other it was magical to watch.
  • I liked how Mary told her mother that she wanted her out of her life after learning that  she was the one that forced Mary's hand earlier that day.
  • I thought that it was pretty cruel of Henry to make Bash watch Mary and Francis have sex especially since Bash was already on his way to leave court.
  • I doubt that Francis was the one behind the guards trying to kill Bash and it makes me sad that Bash would consider that.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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