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TV Review: The 100: His Sister's Keeper(1.06)

                                        The 100: His Sister's Keeper(1.06)Review
  • I think it's pretty messed up and sad how when Octavia was born by Bellamy had to watch his mother give birth and fear for her life since they couldn't call a doctor and it seemed like they might have really needed one.
  • I thought it was strange yet sweet that Bellamy actually named Octavia also pretty surprising that's the name he came up with considering how young he was.
  • I thought that it was pretty messed up for his mom to tell Bellamy that since Octavia was his sister she was his responsibility to take care of her especially considering that he wasn't even allowed to let cry but I did like that he promised Octavia he would never allow anything bad to happen to her.
  • I liked how Bellamy was frantically looking through out the camp for Octavia since he notice that she has been gone for hours.
  • I liked how while Clarke was clearly still mad and worried about three people dying on the ark due to Bellamy's actions that when she saw how seriously worried he was about Octavia she offered to help him check the camp one last time before going to look for her.
  • I like that when Bellamy announced that they were going to form a rescue party for Octavia that Jasper despite not having left camp since he returned was one of the first to volunteer even though he was still clear scared.
  • I liked how Raven scold Finn for letting his hair get so long as she cut his hair because he seriously needed a haircut. I also liked that Raven could tell that Finn was hiding something from her.
  • I like that when Finn tried to talk about a relationship with Clarke that she said he has a girlfriend and what they started isn't something that can't be easily stopped.
  • I liked that when Raven was understandable yelling at Bellamy for being the cause of the deaths of 300 people that Clarke stepped in and said that he knows that and now he'll have to live with it.
  • I like that Clarke had to stay behind from the rescue party in order to help Raven find the parts that are needed to fix the radio which can be found in the bunker.
  • I like that when Octavia woke up for the second time in the cave she noticed her wound had been treated and then started looking everywhere to find away out of it and she continued until she found one breaking a hole in the wall and climbing through it.
  • I liked that when they came to that one really steep hill that Octavia fell down last episode that Bellamy was of course the first one down it but I was pleased and surprised to see that Jasper was the second one that went down.
  • I found it sweet how when they were younger Bellamy used give Octavia piggyback rides around their pods and apparently would pretend for her that they were in the jungle or the forest.
  • I felt bad for young Octavia with how she wanted so badly to be able to see the rest of the Ark and how she hated to have to hide under the floor. I also liked that in this scene we were where shown their mother telling Octavia to slay her demons by saying she wasn't afraid.
  • I liked how when walking into the area that was marked by skeletons that Bellamy said the others could turned back but he was going to forward because his sister his responsibility and that Jasper was the next to follow who said he'd go to hell for Octavia.
  • I liked how Raven compared Clarke to her mom and made sure to tell Clarke that her comparing the two was definitely meant to be a good thing.
  • I found it sad that Raven's mom mostly just used her for her rations and that Finn pretty much kept her alive which really shows how deep their connection was and how much of jerk Finn is for moving on from her so fast.
  • I liked how Bellamy knowing how happy it would make Octavia got her a mask for the masquerade and made sure that he'd be on the unit working security at this party because he just wanted her to have a fun night out like she has always wanted.
  • I liked how Octavia looked at the moon rising with wonder and that Bellamy looked at her so very pleased to have made his sister happy.
  • I liked that Jasper had briefly saw Octavia at the masquerade and had found her attractive right from the start although I doubt he remembers the moment.
  • I liked that grounders becoming more deadly did nothing to discourage either Bellamy or Jasper in their search for Octavia although no one else seem near as committed which is understandable.
  • I liked that Octavia realized that this one grounder saved her and that she was grateful for this and that since she had seen this one girl get killed she knew Bellamy would be out there looking for her and she begged the grounder to make sure he was safe as well.
  • I liked how Raven was able to figure out that Clarke and Finn were a thing before she got to earth and that she didn't let this distract her from getting what was needed for the radio.
  • I like that Bellamy was willing to put himself at the mercy of an older guard and do whatever was asked of him no matter what it was if it would keep Octavia safe but sadly Bellamy could not save her from the guards.
  • I love that when Bellamy and Octavia were reunited both before and after he unlocked her they hugged each other and they were both so clearly glad to see the other.
  • I liked that after the grounder had stabbed Finn and looked like it was going to kill Bellamy that Jasper was able to knock it out again.
  • I like that when Raven confronted Clarke about Finn that Clarke was honest about how she didn't know about Raven and that in the end it was pretty clear that Raven was more sad and mad at Finn than Clarke since he's only been gone about ten days which really makes Finn an asshole in my book.
  • I found the whole confrontation between Octavia and Bellamy to be very painful to watch because I know they both truly love each other so it hurts seeing them fight the way they did. I liked how Octavia blamed Bellamy for all the mistakes he's made since he came to earth and I understand why she blames him at the moment for her arrest and their mother's death which this then leaves Bellamy blaming it on Octavia because he's spent all her life looking out for her and even goes as far as to say his life ended when she was born which I know he doesn't mean but it hurts all the same.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

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