Friday, June 6, 2014

TV Review: Grimm: Red Menace(3.09)

                                                  Grimm: Red Menace(3.09)Review
  • I felt bad for Juliette's friend Alicia who's husband was abusing her so she decided to run away and stay with Juliette and Nick for awhile, I was also very surprised to find out that both her and her husband are Wesson.
  • I liked the exchange between Renard and Adalind with how they pretend to like each other, Renard revealed that he knows she's pregnant and informed her that while everyone is interested in her child not many people care about what happens to her after the child is born.
  • I liked the mild flirting between Hank and his physical therapist I thought they were kind of cute together.
  • I found it interesting that the Russian healer was a Wesson called cosjay who's touch can either heal or kill.
  • I liked how when it was revealed that Renard could speak Russian that Hank remarked how that doesn't even surprise him at this point.
  • I liked how when Hank suggest that they bring Renard to the trailer that both and Nick and Monroe looked at him like he was crazy.
  • I liked how the Russian healer was a former assassin who was working to redeem himself by becoming a healer even though the healing was something that was slowly killing him.
  • I was surprised that the one working to kill him was the house keeper Larissa who was trying to avenge her father rather than his wife who although the two had a very tense relationship she still clearly loves him but hates to see him slowly killing himself.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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