Tuesday, June 17, 2014

TV Review: Reign: Inquisition(1.11)

                                                    Reign: Inquisition(1.11)Review
  • I liked how Mary and Bash realized that since the baby was marked as a pagan they needed to find a way to get it out of the castle before anyone discovered the mark.
  • I liked how Catherine's family had come to France in order to help her fight Henry but it seems that Catherine trying to maintain her power is something that led Henry to try to get Catherine beheaded for adultery.
  • I felt bad for Kenna when she was going over what she would say against Catherine in court that when she mentions she could say that Catherine tried to kill her that Henry said no one cared.
  • I liked seeing how Catherine seemed to be able to find a way to find out most anything she needs to know by having her own spies all around court and with the help of her family.
  • I like that both Mary and Catherine refuse to back down from their goals even though they are both threatening to have each other killed.
  • I like that Bash tells Mary that the threats that Catherine spoke of with both himself and Mary being in danger if anyone found out about his family history is true and that he wants her to really think about her decision to marry him considering those risks.
  • I like that Catherine was almost able to convince Henry not to go through with executing her by telling him that at the beginning of their marriage she did love him and that deep down a part of her still does which is something that seems to be true for him as well.
  • I'm glad that Mary and Bash were able to ensure the baby's safety before anything happened to the child.
  • I was surprised to learn that Clarissa is actually Catherine's daughter that she thought had died and was a product of an affair which renews Henry's desire to have Catherine executed.
  • I found it rather frightening how Henry was willing to kill one of guards that agreed to be Catherine's witness to finding evidence of Diane being a pagan.
  • I thought that it was rather sad that Catherine's family gave up on her and inside suggested that she poison herself to save the family's reputation.
  • I both like and find it frightening that Bash would be willing to kill his father if he was a threat to Mary's well being.
  • I disliked that Catherine tried to kill Mary along with herself and I'm glad that she was unsuccessful in her attempts.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

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