Sunday, June 8, 2014

Movie Review: The Way Way Back

                                                    The Way Way Back Review
This movie is about a 14 year older boy named Duncan who has to spend the summer at the beach house of his mother's jerk boyfriend. Duncan spends the first part of the movie feeling very uncomfortable with his situation but being very quiet in his suffering because he doesn't really know how to stick up for himself. After awhile Duncan finds a place where he can be happy in this water park where he forms an unlikely friendship with Owen who is the slacker manager of the waterpark who helps to show Duncan how to have fun and believe in himself.

I overall thought that this movie had a pretty good story to it even though I don't think I did that great of job describing it but I did like the story. I really liked Duncan as a character and I really felt for him which I think is a good thing because you see almost everything from his point of view which I think helped me to invest in and understand him. I thought that the acting through out the movie was good and I just really liked this movie. Please tell me your thoughts on this movie.

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