Sunday, June 8, 2014

Thoughts on Game of Thrones: The Mountain and the Viper(4.08)

In this episode I liked how when Ser Barristain was given a document that shows that Jorah has spied on Daenerys in the past in order to get a royal pardon so that he could return to Westeros that Barristain respected Jorah enough to warn him about having received this information but that he also wouldn't hide it from Daenerys and that will not allow for Jorah to ever be alone with Daenerys again. I liked how Daenerys demand an explanation out of Jorah and after his confession I thought it was down right foolish of Jorah to beg for forgiveness due to how his spying has hurt her in the past and because he should know Daenerys well enough to know that she's not the forgiving type. I liked how Daenerys was so furious at Jorah that she told him she doesn't want him in her city dead or alive because that shows how done with him she is and it also hurts him the most considering that what he wants most is to be by her side.
I liked how the elders of the Vale all suspected that Littlefinger was behind Lysa's death because they were wise to think he was and I like that Sansa was brought into to be questioned what Lysa's death and that his faith was entirely in Sansa's hands and he had no control over the situation for once. I loved how Sansa was able to make Littlefinger nervous like when she said that she would tell the truth which she actually did stick very close but I have to say that Sansa's testimony seemed so heartfelt and sincere that if I hadn't of known better I would have believed every word of it which just goes to show how good of a player she will one day be in the game. I loved that Sansa's reason behind defending Littlefinger was that she doesn't know what would happened to her if Littlefinger were to die but she knows him and she knows what he wants therefore she took the offer that she knew was safer for her at the moment.
The trial by combat  fight between Oberyn and the Mountain was one of the best fight scenes that I think that show has had so far if it were not the best. Oberyn's style of fighting is very interesting with how he uses this long sword type thing and his movements were fast and graceful in a way especially the flips that he did throughout the fight. I loved how Oberyn no matter how the fight was going shouted for all to hear that he was going to kill the Mountain for raping and murdering his sister and killing her children and how he wanted more than anything to hear him confess not only his part in their deaths but also Tywin's. While I did love that Oberyn wanted to avenge his sister so badly I wished that he would have just killed the Mountain when he was at his mercy but unfortunately his lust for vengeance strong than anything else and this allowed the Mountain to kill him. I was sadden by Oberyn's death not only because I enjoyed him as a character but because I wanted him to get his revenge against the Mountain he we've only ever heard terrible things about and it would have been great to see that even in a world as cruel as this one there will someday be some kind of justice for those horribly murder but that's not something I should have dared to hope for in Game of Thrones. Also while Game of Thrones as had a ton of gory deaths I think that Oberyn getting his skull crushed has got to have been the most disturbing one so far in my opinion.

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