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TV Review: Teen Wolf: Smoke and Mirrors(4.12)

                                        Teen Wolf: Smoke and Mirrors(4.12)Review
  • I liked that Kira was able to figure out right away that Scott had been turned into a Beserker because she saw his tattoo but I didn't like how Kate made Scott hurt her.
  • I thought that it was unfair of Kate to say that Scott hadn't went through anything all that bad since he's never killed anyone since he has been through a lot he just knows that killing someone is never the answer.
  • I liked that Stiles pretty much demanded that his dad allow him to go down to Mexico in order to rescue Scott and Kira but I also liked that the Sheriff wanted to go through the official channels but was willing to go down there if nothing turned up after doing that unsurprisingly Stiles wasn't willing  to wait that long.
  • I liked how Derek told Braeden that she thinks she's a much better shot them him therefore much less helpless than he is at the moment. I liked that when Derek told Braeden that he has a feeling that he's not going to make it back that she told him she wasn't okay with that but I also liked that Derek was okay with that as long as it saved Scott and Kira.
  • I liked how Stiles had Malia get something of Scott's in order to track his scent and I found it funny that Stiles went for dirty underwear while Malia decided to use Scott's pillow instead.
  • I liked that despite it being the full moon and there being Beserkers which he's terrified of Liam wanted to go with to Mexico because he wanted to save Scott.
  • I liked that Braeden was able to get a hold of a prison transport van and that was how they were going to keep Liam tied down on there way to Mexico.
  • I liked that Stiles didn't want to leave without Lydia but because time was a very important factor they had no choice but to leave without her. I liked that Liam called Mason and had him go to find out what was holding Lydia up and I liked that he was willing to help despite not knowing what is going on.
  • I liked that despite Peter trying to bond with her in order to get her to do what he wants her to do that Malia pretty much ignored him and she also brought up that Scott says that they don't kill anyone therefore she's against his plan to kill Kate and I liked that she also told him that she's worried about everyone.
  • I liked that Derek gave Liam the talisman that he use to use in order to gain self control and told him about the alpha, beta, omega phrase that he use to use, I enjoyed seeing Derek be a good werewolf mentor even though it wasn't his words that worked for Liam but the Satomi pack phrase the sun, the moon, the truth that helped him gain control.
  • I liked how Kira hallucinated her mom as a calm and kind presence that guide her towards the solution of how Kira could trigger her healing, I think that this says a lot of good things about the relationship between the two especially with how her mom told her it was okay if she was to cry because that doesn't mean she's not strong.
  • I liked how when Derek was nearly killed by a Berseker that Braeden ended up shooting at it enough that it backed off of Derek. I liked how Derek told everyone to just go on ahead and save Scott and Kira.
  • I liked how Derek mentioned how he had a mortal wound and was feeling pretty mortal to Braeden and I liked how she vowed that she wouldn't let him die and he told her to focus on keeping herself alive.
  • I liked how when Stiles got a call from his dad in the catacombs that he was confused that he still had a signal down there and how everyone seemed pretty thrown off by the fact that Stiles was having a conversation with his dad at a time like this. I also liked that Stiles told his dad about how he thinks something bad may have happened to Lydia since she's been held up.
  • I'm glad that Kira was able to let everyone know before they killed him that Scott had been turned into a Beserker and I liked that Liam was able to break through with him by telling Scott what Scott told him shortly after becoming a werewolf that he's a werewolf not a monster.
  • I liked that after Lydia speech about how they should help their friends that Mason went through with her plan to attack a beserker with baseball bats because he too wanted to help his friend. I also liked that the Sheriff saved both of them.
  • I liked that when Scott defeated Peter that Scott told him that he was never an alpha really but he was always a monster.
  • I don't understand why Derek evolved into a full wolf but I'm glad that he did because that's much better than him actually dying.
  • I was a bit sad for Chris when he told Kate that he has given up on trying to save her and he's unsure if she can even be saved since she's the only family he has left.
  • I'm glad that Chris told Kate that Alison didn't die because of her friends but that she died protecting her friends.
  • While Kate is a villain and is generally up to know good I can't blame her for running and I kind of actually like that she refuses to be anyone's prisoner.
  • I'm interested in how Braeden use to be a US Marshall but she had to quit because she spent too much time looking for the desert wolf.
  • I liked how Kira had earned her first tail by being able to heal herself.
  • I liked how Coach said that Scott and Stiles were to look out for Liam and I liked the way Scott and Liam looked at each other after that.
  • I liked that Lydia want to help Parrish figure out what he is since she also had no clue what she was for a long time.
  • I'm unsure if locking Peter in a room with the guy with the third eye is a good idea or not.
Please tell me your thoughts about this episode or the entire season.

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