Sunday, November 16, 2014

Book Review: The Wolves of Mercy Falls:Sinner

                                              The Wolves of Mercy Falls: Sinner Review
This book would be the fourth in The Wolves of Mercy Falls series but this book is a lot different than the first three because it's set in LA instead of Minnesota and it focuses on only Cole and Isabel stories but not at all on Sam and Grace like the other books of the series did. This book starts off with Cole coming to LA to both have a second chance with Isabel and also record a new album he values both things but believes Isabel to be the more important reason to come to LA. Isabel has been living in LA for quite awhile now she's going to nursing school and doing her best to excel with not giving a dam Cole kind makes the second one somewhat difficult for her.

This book mostly deals with Cole and Isabel's relationship as well as their personal problems. Cole is dealing with being back in the spotlight after being gone for a long time, he's dealing with making music again and with how no one really believes that he's changed which makes him doubt that he really has changed or that the change will stick. Cole ends up struggling with figuring out how to deal with everything while staying in his own head which is a place that he doesn't like to be half of the time and he can't help but to check out when things get painful even though he isn't using drugs or alcohol anymore. Isabel is dealing with her parents divorce and how she doesn't believe that love can last so she doesn't understand why she should even bother with love if it's just going to end one day. This attitude causes a lot of tension in her relationship with Cole because she is almost always halfway out the door already at any given time.

Overall I really loved this book it deals with two complex characters who have a complex relationship I enjoyed watching their story unfold and enjoyed the time that I got to spend in both of their heads. Please tell me your thoughts on this book or series as a whole.

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