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TV Review: Agents of Shield: A Hen in the Wolf's House(2.05)

                               Agents of Shield: A Hen in the Wolf's House(2.05)Review
  • I thought that it was scary that Hydra is developing away to kill people in masses in a way similar to the Obelisk and that they are willing to kill anyone who stands against them.
  • I liked that Skye stood up to Coulson when he tried to brush off her questions about where the alien writing source he had came from and I love that for once this season she didn't back down to him just because.
  • I liked that as soon as Skye left that May told Coulson that he should be honest with Skye because she has a right to know.
  • I liked how it was shown that Skye's father was a doctor for criminals which really explained quite a lot about him to me like why is he called the doctor and why does he live in such a shady place if he's a doctor but now those things make sense.
  • I found it super interesting that Raina had known Skye's father for years and that she has been waiting for him to show her that the stories her grandmother told her when she was young are true and I'm just super glad we got to learn a bit more about Raina.
  • I liked that Skye's father main goal at this point was to be able to meet Skye and make her understand him and that the reason he wouldn't let the obelisk go is because he thinks that's the only way that she would understand him. Also liked that is was mentioned that he's been searching for Skye ever since she was taken from him, I just liked that Skye was never unwanted like she assumed she was.
  • I was really worried about Raina because she couldn't get the obelisk from Skye's father so she was terrified that Whitehill would kill her.
  • I liked how we got to see a bot more of Simmons undercover in Hydra and I liked that she was so clear terrified by their plans to murder millions of people.
  • I was glad to learn that Ward source when it came to information about Skye's father was only Raina because I was worried that he might have been brainwashed or something and that's how he knew more than made sense but luckily it seems like Raina just told him more stuff off screen.
  • I liked that Skye thought that Raina was manipulating Ward both because it proves that she and everyone else knows that Raina is the best manipulator on this show which is something that should be recognized more often and because it means she trusts that Ward isn't lying to her just that he doesn't have the full truth.
  • I liked that when Skye showed Ward the alien writing that he was worried that they were her writing and when she told him they weren't he was so relieved.
  • I liked that Ward said that he was actually relieved that Garrett died after he went crazy because even though I may not think he was relieved by Garrett's death for the right reasons I'm glad that he can at least see him being gone as a good thing.
  • I liked that Ward was the one that told Skye about the connection between the alien writing and GH-325 because someone really should've before this point.
  • I liked that Skye was mad at Coulson when she figured out that the alien writings were his and that he's been keeping this from her for months and I liked that she was even more upset that he has been spying on her although I'm upset that she didn't remain upset with him for longer considering how much and long he lied to her and violated her privacy.
  • I liked that it was brought up that Skye could in fact be an alien because I've been thinking this since like episode 12.
  • I liked how when Raina saw Simmons working at Hydra and proof of her spying on them that she used this as an opportunity to get what she needed from the team in order to ensure her own survival.
  • I kind of liked that Simmons got her hands dirty by framing the man working next her for being the mole even though she knew that he would most likely be killed for it.
  • I liked how Raina was planning to use exposing Simmons to everyone at Hydra in order to get Coulson to give her Skye so that she could introduce her to her father and I liked that it became clear that Raina didn't want anything bad to happen to Simmons and was so upset and disappointed in Coulson when he choice to let Simmons possibly be killed rather than give her Skye.
  • I liked that Skye hearing Raina talk about her father made her belief both what Ward told her earlier and what Raina was saying now and I liked that Skye so clearly did want to meet her father even though she knew that this could very well be a trap of some sort.
  • I disliked the way that May physically pushed Skye into a wall when she wanted to give herself up to Raina.
  • I was glad that Bobbi was undercover in Hydra and that she ended up saving Simmons and I really loved how Simmons couldn't get over how awesome Bobbi was in rescuing her and I have to say I agree with her.
  • I found it interesting that Raina was so frightened that she actually asked Coulson to take her in so that she would be able to be safe from Whitehall.
  • I liked how Simmons and Trip were both so happy to see each other again I thought that was sweet.
  • I really hated Lance being an ass to Raina and I totally on Raina's side of any conversation that they had.
  • I liked that Skye snuck out head in order to have a chance at meeting her father and I liked that we actually got to see her breakdown once she realized she just missed her chance at meeting him, it was nice to see her react to things emotionally again overall I liked how for the first time this season she seemed like the character I fell in love with last season.
  • I was actually sad for Skye's father when he saw her declare him a monster and saw her take comfort in Coulson as a father figure.
  • I wasn't really surprised to learn that Lance's ex-wife is Bobbi but over all I thought that Bobbi is too good for him and I can see why he's still hung up on her since she's awesome.
  • I don't think that Skye is going to go after her father as easily as she thinks she's going to be able to go after him because she's been looking for him her entire life and he does love her like she always wished that he did so I don't think she's going to be able to turn those feelings off entirely when she comes face to face with him in the future.
  • I think that Skye is letting Coulson off way to easily with the way he violated her trust and I don't know how she can trust him to not keep secrets from her when he has done it multiple times through out the series not just this one time and the secrets he keep often directly affect her.
  • I wonder how Skye knew right away when she touched the alien writing that it was a map.
  • I think that Skye's father made a really bad move deciding to work with Hydra in order to kill Coulson probably as some messed up way to get Skye but on the other hand I hope this means that Raina is safe from Whitehill since he now has access to the obelisk.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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