Sunday, October 26, 2014

TV Review: Revenge: Meteor(4.04)

                                                         Revenge: Meteor(4.04)Review
  • I liked that the episode started with Emily and Nolan trying to figure out who tried to kill her and I liked that the came to the conclusion that Victoria had something to do with it. I liked that when Emily seemed unconcerned by this that Nolan pointed out that this isn't something that she can just brush off.
  • I liked that Emily the next day decided that it was for the best that she carries a gun on her just in case.
  • I liked that Nolan called the police because he takes Emily's safety more seriously than she does and I like that Emily is just kind of annoyed that she has to give a statement at all.
  • I like that David doesn't completely trust Victoria because he really shouldn't trust her at all  but I found it really weird when he started hurting himself and then shoplifted and got himself arrested.
  • I liked that when Daniel heard that Margaux loaned money to Victoria that he was worried that Victoria was using her and I liked that Margaux looked at the whole thing as now having Victoria owe her one.
  • I liked how Charlotte left and was mad at Victoria for using her meeting with her father as just another chance to hurt Emily.
  • I liked that Jack pretty much told his partner to just stop trying to come onto Emily and I liked that Jack came across in that scene as a concerned friend rather than a jealous boyfriend although I'm sure the writers intend it to be the other way around I like that I can read the scene this way.
  • I disliked how Victoria lied to Daniel about where she found the money and I liked that Daniel called Victoria out on using Margaux and I liked that he rejected the money and told Victoria to stay away from him, Margaux and Charlotte.
  • I'm honestly confused with whether Louise is obsessed with Victoria because she wants her to be a mother figure for her or if she wants to date her it's hard to tell most of the time.
  • I liked that after Jack saw when he prepped the line up that David was there that he tried to call Emily right away and then tried to talk to her when she arrived but his partner wouldn't let him which annoyed me so much.
  • I found the scene when Emily saw David to be very touching and I liked how she couldn't help but cry when she saw him I'm glad that she knows he's alive now and I want them to have a moment together so badly.
  • I liked how Emily was still understandably freaking out when Nolan arrived and I as always loved his concern for her and I liked that when she told him about David being alive he was so clearly shocked and emotional about the whole thing as well.
  • I liked that Jack wanted to find someway to give Emily a moment alone with her dad but sadly the police and the press figured out who he really was before she got that chance.
  • I liked that Emily used her connection to Amanda once again to speak for herself when she told Jack's partner that Amanda would want her to stay and meet David sadly the partner did not let her in.
  • I liked how David gave the statement that Conrad faked his death and then tortured him and held him prisoner for years and that he played dumb about his name being cleared and Conrad being dead in order to throw suspicion off of him with Conrad's murder.
  • I liked how Emily told Nolan how it was her biggest dream since her father was arrested that she would be able to see him just one more time and I liked how Nolan told her that she got her wish.
  • I don't understand why David trusts Victoria at all if he has went over everything that happened in the past a bunch of times since it's pretty clear she's a big part of the reason he was framed.
  • I dislike how Victoria and Charlotte stood with David when he gave his statement to the press but I liked how clearly angry Emily and Nolan were that Victoria got to him first.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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