Sunday, October 26, 2014

Book Review: Gallagher Girls: Out of Sight Out of Time

                                                Out of Sight Out of Time Review
The fifth book in the Gallagher Girls series starts months after the last book but Cammie doesn't seem to be able to remember anything that has happened over the summer so while she's able to get back to school, her friends and family she still doesn't feel like she's safe there because she has such a large gap in her memory she doesn't feel like herself and so she makes it her mission to recover her loss memories. Her friends and family think that there's a reason that Cammie can't remember last summer so they try to discourage her quest but it soon becomes clear that she refuses to give up the search for loss memories.

There is also progress in what the circle is after and it's revealed that Cammie learned what they were over her summer that she can't remember and it's also revealed why the circle have had such an interest in Cammie these last couple of years. This plot point does a really good job at tying the series all together with how it points out the importance of the first book which while a lovely and fun introduction to the characters and world of the series didn't really seem all that connected to the rest of the series before it's revealed that the events of the first book are more important than readers would assume.

This book is overall good the story was interesting and the characters were great as always and there relationships with each other were even better and I felt that quite a lot of important things happened with the plot in this book. Overall this was a great book in a great series. Please tell me your thoughts on this book or just the series in general.

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