Saturday, October 25, 2014

Top 5 Songs from The Family Jewels: Marina and the Diamonds

I really love music and I feel like I don't really get a chance to talk about it so I decided that making a list of my favorite songs from certain albums was a good place to start and since Marina is one of my absolute favorites I thought this was a good place to start.
1. Oh No!: This song is fun it's one of those songs that make you want to dance and sing along to it which is enough to make me listen to it on repeat but what truly makes it great is that the meaning behind the lyrics. This song is about going after who you want to be and making your own dreams come true but doing what you dream to and being who you want to be and not caring about what anyone else thinks about it and being completely unapologetic in how you go about in achieving these goals. I also love how extreme the stacks are played as in the song with the whole "I'm going to live/I'm going fly/I'm going to fail/I'm going to die" I just love how success seems to be the only acceptable option and I also love the whole "I always feel like I'm the worst/so I always I act like I'm the best" I love the whole fake it until I make it attitude of the song. This song is one that I love a lot and I feel like on a lot of the levels that I can't exactly explain that I relate to this song.
2. Are you Satisfied?: I love this song because I really love the upbeat tone of the song and the fast pace of the song that both seem to fit with the lyrics and go against them at the same time. I also really love the lyrics with how the song seems to be about how it seems to be about asking if you're satisfied with having just an average life but also with how in order to achieve being better than most everyone else is something that takes a lot of work, puts a lot of pressure on and could end up making you unhappy while trying to reach your goals. I'm not sure if I'm getting the message of the song right or wrong but I really love that it tells a clear story to me.
3. Hollywood: I really love that song with how it talks about all the stereotypes of what Hollywood is suppose to look like but also makes mentions to some of less glamorous aspects of the Hollywood dreams as well. I also just like how it's also about how no matter how messed up and fake the reality of the Hollywood ideal is it shows that people still continue to desire that kind of life even though it might not be wise to.
4. I Am Not a Robot: This song is a bit slower paced than the other songs on this list and overall feels like it's in a different style all together and I really enjoy that it sounds different. I love that this song is about how you can't fit into certain molds that are set up for you and that it's much better not to try to be anyone but yourself because who you are and the connections you make while being yourself is more important than fitting into any role the system tries to fit you into. I also really like the use of being like a robot is used through out the song especially with the whole "Can you teach me how to feel real" and I thought that this metaphor worked really well for the song.
5. Hermit the Frog: This song is one that I just found really fun with both the way it sounds and what the lyrics seem to say as well. I'm not entirely sure what the song is about but I think that it seems to some sort of coming age story with how she describes how she went to the doctor believing that something was wrong with her because she developed a dirty mind but no matter what the song it about I know for sure that I love it.

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