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TV Review: How to Get Away With Murder: It's All Her Fault(1.02)

                     How to Get Away With Murder: It's All Her Fault(1.02)Review
  • I liked how Keating during her lecture talked about how she doesn't care about whether or not her clients are guilty and that since people lie there's no way to tell if you really know anyone completely.
  • I found the client Max to be fairly off putting with the way that he seemed to be able to talk about his wife's murder so casually.
  • I liked that when Max suggested that one of the ladies help him to demonstrate what the prosecution says he did to his wife that Connor volunteers for the role after seeing how uncomfortable Michaela and Laurel seem by the idea.
  • I liked how Wes was referred to as the puppy because he's so utterly adorable I think it's a very fitting nickname.
  • I liked how Keating sent Wes to get the supplement police report after the prosecution left it out. because he's the kind of person that someone would trust without a second thought.
  • I liked how Wes was surprised and somewhat uncomfortable with the knowledge that the guy form Rebecca's apartment is a suspect in Lila Standgard's murder.
  • I liked how Connor used Oliver's illegal hacking skills to help out with the case and I liked how when Oliver complained about how a guy usually has to take him out to dinner first that Connor asked him to go out on Wednesday.
  • I liked how Keating's boyfriend Nate ended their relationship after how in last episode she used their relationship in order to get him to turn on his department.
  • I'm curious about if for the first part of the episode if Keating suspected her husband of just sleeping with Lila or with also killing her.
  • I liked how Wes expressed concern about Rebecca involving the Lila Standgard case even though he barely knows her.
  • I liked how Laurel explained why she thought they were all there with how Michaela and Connor earned it, Asher because of his family, she not exactly sure about Wes but knows Keating likes him and that she's there because of Frank, I also felt bad for her when she was only their because Frank likes her.
  • I liked how Bonnie told Laurel that instead of asking her questions should work on getting Keating to remember her name.
  • I was very surprised to learn that Max also killed his first wife and I was surprised that this is something that they could've missed.
  • I liked how even though Connor says he doesn't do boyfriends he was still apologizing to Oliver for missing their date.
  • I liked how Laurel's idea for a defense was to point out that Max is a hunter and knows how to kill and who ever killed his last wife didn't know what they were doing.
  • I liked how Wes figured out that Max's daughter was the real killer and I liked how even though Keating tells him not worry about it's shown in flashback that his theory is correct and Keating knows this.
  • I found it pretty creepy how Max said that he'll find another way to punish his daughter.
  • I liked how Connor brought take out over to Oliver's in order to make up with him and that at first Oliver didn't want accept but then he did rather quickly and Connor looked far happier than someone who doesn't care about a relationship should be.
  • I liked how Keating after seeing that her husband deleted all his emails from Lila starts to seriously suspect him of being the killer and I liked that Nate tried to convince her that she was freaking herself out.
  • I thought it was interesting to learn that in the 2 1/2 in the future that Rebecca was somehow involved in the murder and that Michaela thinks the whole thing is her fault although Laurel disagrees and that Michaela worries that she might be able to get Wes to turn on them. I'm not all that surprised though that Wes wants to protect her.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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