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TV Review: Agents of Shield: Making Friends and Influencing People(2.03)

                   Agents of Shield: Making Friends and Influencing People(2.03)Review
  • I'm not surprised at all to see that hydra scifi brainwashes people although it's still not pleasant to see.
  • I liked that we got see Simmons being cheerful and happy even though she was working undercover in a hydra lab. Also I find it interesting that hydra looks like a much nicer and less shady place to work than Shield does currently.
  • It disturbs me that Skye said that she imagines the targets as Ward not only because a short time ago she did love him but also because that shows that she actually does desire to hurt people with how she's imagining the target as a person and I just don't think that's a healthy way at all for her to be handling her job, I'm glad that May told her that she should only think of the targets as targets.
  • I liked that everyone is giving Lance a hard time about shooting them and that he said he was sorry a bunch of times.
  • I liked that it was mentioned that Skye has yet to kill anyone because it's pretty hard to tell this season if she had because she's so different than she was last season.
  • I felt bad for Donnie who was just trying to live his life a way from the whole Hydra-Shield mess but Hydra just wouldn't let him go.
  • I thought that it was nice that Coulson checked up on Simmons and then made her dinner.
  • I liked that Simmons was annoyed that she wasn't advancing as quickly as she expected that she would in Hydra.
  • I don't think that the team really understands what Ward did since when Simmons tells Coulson she doesn't want to lie like Ward did he tells her to tell half truths instead and well that's exactly what Ward did not to mention that he was working undercover to gather intel which is exactly what Simmons is doing now so she does have to do Ward's job.
  • I like that Fitz was actually at the team meeting and that when he had a bit of a hard time explaining himself that Mack was their to support him and assured them that they would work things out.
  • I liked that Ward made clear that he was never loyal to Hydra only to Garrett and I liked that he also made clear that he doesn't blame Garrett for the what he's done, although I don't agree with him on this front I think that it's good that he's taking responsabilty for his actions since I believe that's one of the first steps to redemption.
  • I hated how Skye brought up Ward's family basically to just trivialize a lifetime of abuse to say that she believes some lies she read on the internet solely because that would hurt him I just think that this kind of behavior crosses the line between rightly anger and cruel but on the plus side it was nice of Ward to not react in anger that would've been perfectly justified but he didn't.
  • I don't understand why Skye thought that she treated Ward like a person during this conversation because to be honest she hasn't treated him like a person since episode 1.20.
  • I don't understand why Skye was so disgusted that Hydra would kill an out of control gifted when that as literally been Shield's policy since the very beginning of this show and her thinking that Shield as the moral high ground here just shows she has no idea who she's working for.
  • I both like and am worried that Simmons despite working undercover is still a terrible liar.
  • I liked how Simmons told the Hydra guy that she is only loyal to science and I kind of wish that this was true instead of her being undercover.
  • I liked that Fitz was sure that the team was keeping things from him and how he was determined to find out what they were keeping from him.
  • I liked that Hydra brought Simmons with to get Donnie because they thought that her presence would be comforting and therefore it would be easier to bring him in.
  • I liked that Fitz actually told hallucination Simmons to go away so that he could confront Ward.
  • I both liked and was sad by the fact that Ward was happy to see Fitz despite not expecting anything good to come out there conversation.
  • I felt bad for Fitz when he was having a panic attack and I liked how clearly concern Ward was for him and how he wanted to help but couldn't.
  • I liked how Ward confirmed that he wasn't trying to kill Fitz and Simmons but rather doing the only thing he could to save them although I understand why Fitz doesn't think of what Ward did as saving.
  • While I understand Fitz being anger and wanting to hurt Ward I think that he was wrong to deprive Ward of oxygen and I believe that if Ward didn't give information to Fitz about Donnie that he would have killed him and that is in no way okay.
  • I liked how even when he was dying that Ward's thoughts were only about helping Skye and the team even though they've been nothing but awful to him all season it's still both nice and sad to see how much he cares about them.
  • I liked how both Hydra and Shield had the same goals when it came to Donnie either capture and use him or kill him if we can't get him I like this because it shows that at this point in time that Shield really isn't better than Hydra.
  • I find it very concerning and worrisome that when Skye shot and killed Donnie that her heart rate didn't go up at all and she overall didn't seem to have any real reaction to it and she really should've.
  • I liked that Skye more or less said that she misses the way things were before because it's one of the extremely few signs of the old Skye that we've seen this season.
  • I liked that Skye said that she was worried about Simmons working undercover because she's a horrible liar.
  • I think that it was wrong of Coulson to not tell Fitz that the reason Simmons left was because she's on assignment because instead he let Fitz think that Simmons left because she no longer cares for him which no doubt ended up hurting Fitz's progress. I also think that it was wrong for Coulson to not tell Fitz that he was keeping Ward on the base because that's something I feel that Fitz had the right to know about.
  • I really don't understand at all why Coulson hates Ward so much and is taking what happened so personally since they were never close in first place honestly the only thing I can think of is that Coulson is taking out on Ward all the pain and hurt he felt because of Garrett's betrayal and Shield's fall which is unprofessional, petty and just plain wrong.
  • I liked that Skye went to Ward not because she had to but because she wanted to and I liked how she asked him if he was brainwashed because it shows how badly she wanted the answer to be yes although Ward could never answer her correctly because if you're brainwash you don't know you are. I personally think that Ward was real world brainwashed by Garrett through abuse and conditioning but he doesn't know that so he tells he wasn't.
  • I liked that Skye admits that she does believe Ward is telling the truth even though she doesn't understand why and I liked that Ward tells her that it's because he needs her to believe him when he tells her about her father.
  • I don't understand why Ward thinks it would be a good idea to bring Skye to her father but my guess would be that he knows how badly she wants to know about her parents that he thinks that it would make her happy but I don't think it's for any bad reason like some people might think.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

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