Saturday, October 18, 2014

TV Review: Revenge: Disclosure(4.02)

                                               Revenge: Disclosure(4.02)Review
  • I liked that Victoria was afraid of what David would do to her if he figured out the truth about what she did.
  • I liked that when Nolan found out that Victoria was back he told Emily he didn't want to help her even though he pretty much admitted he already did all that he could to help her track Victoria down because he didn't to enable Emily when it comes to her revenge.
  • I actually kind of enjoyed Daniel and Marguex working together to get rid of Gideon mostly because I hate Gideon but also because I just happen to like scenes between those two when Daniel isn't being awful.
  • I felt bad for Charlotte when she found out that Gideon was cheating on her and pretty much just thinks she's pathetic and I was sad for her when Daniel pretty much cut her off on the phone as well.
  • I thought that David's behavior towards Victoria was super creepy with how he kidnapped her and brought her to this creepy dungeon like place and wouldn't tell her how her survived or what he's been up to since everyone thought he died. Also David's obsession with Victoria was really creepy and I totally understood why she was scared and why she lied to him when she was completely at his mercy.
  • I liked that Emily tried to talk Charlotte down from her suicide attempted and I was glad that Charlotte didn't actually end up killing herself.
  • I liked that Jack brought Charlotte over to Emily's because they were told by the doctors that he was best for her to be around family.
  • I thought it was a bit odd that Emily started off by confessing to Charlotte that she was the one that kidnapped her and then went on to tell her that she's actually her sister. I liked that it seems like Charlotte let Emily fully explain herself about she's been doing before she reacts.
  • I liked that Charlotte was upset with Emily with choosing revenge over her own sister and that Emily revealing who she really is didn't make their relationship any better.
  • David's fixation on Victoria just got creepier as the episode went on and I liked that her fear of him never faded although I do believe when she's grateful that Conrad's dead I'm just not sure she feels comfortable around his killer.
  • I liked how Emily acknowledge that Charlotte was right about her choosing revenge over her own family but I also liked that Nolan pointed out that she did it for her father and that he told Emily that he believes that Charlotte will come around eventually.
  • I thought it was really bad idea for Victoria to try to get David to get rid of Emily since she now knows that she's actually Amanda Clarke David's daughter and if he finds out about Victoria's lies thinks aren't looking good for her.
  • While I get Charlotte's anger I hated her trying to kill Emily with knocking her out and setting Jack's bar on fire. While I'm sure that Emily will live I am of course at least a little bit worried about her.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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