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TV Review: Reign: Higher Ground(1.20)

                                            Reign: Higher Ground(1.20)Review
  • I liked how Francis when he found the men holding a fort came up with a plan to capture a castle even though there were so few of them and that he was willing to fit along side of them as equals.
  • I like how Mary was looking into who might've been the people Catherine used to kill her country men.
  • I liked how Mary asked Catherine for the money to save her mother first and that after Catherine refused it was revealed that Mary already hired a mercenary to steal it for her. I liked that despite being involved in shady dealings now she refused to allow any innocent blood to be shed.
  • I found Catherine's confession to be quite funny because she listed quite a few horrible things she has done so matter of factly.
  • I liked how Bash felt useless because Francis was off fighting and he couldn't do anything about it and I liked how Kenna told him to remain optimistic and did her best to cheer him up.
  • While I was a bit worried when Catherine quickly figured out that Mary was behind her kidnapping I was also impressed.
  • I liked that Leith was the one that saved Francis's life during battle and I liked that Francis was so grateful to him and said that he is in his debt.
  • I liked how Lola pretty much figured out that Julian married her for her money and how she's worried about whether he might leave her because she needs him and she has fallen in love with him, I liked that Greer tells Lola not to dwell so much on the why if she's happy now.
  • I liked that Mary was fairly outraged when she saw that Catherine's cousin Hortenza wouldn't pay her ransom even though Mary and Catherine are often at odds it's nice to see that Mary wouldn't consider letting her day if she could do anything about it.
  • I liked how Kenna was able to convince Bash to investigate Julian after telling him that she wants to look out for Lola as her friend and that he as her husband should want to help her and then he does.
  • I really hated Hortenza with how she was so very willing to have anyone who might get in her way killed and how she clearly has no remorse over this course of actions and I think Mary made the right choice in having her framed and killed to keep Catherine from knowing that she's the one that had her kidnapped.
  • I liked that Francis plan in taking out the English was more about how to make sure that they all survived rather than him thinking of the men as chess pieces like nobles often do in war.
  • I liked that Julian eventually went to Lola and told her the truth about him being broke and that he decided to stay with her in the end because he loves her.
  • I liked how Francis refused to leave Leith to die and how he told Leith to think of the person that he would keep fighting for which of course was Greer and I liked how Francis told Leith that he would reward him a title when they returned home and that's one of the better parts of being a noble.
  • I liked that Catherine seemed somewhat concerned by the fact that Mary might have lost her innocence by ordering someone's death.
  • I both liked and found it a bit concerning how Mary took control over Hortenza's men even though she knows they are the ones that killed her country men and she thinks of them as monsters.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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