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TV Review: Revenge: Renaissance(4.01)

                                               Revenge: Renaissance(4.01)Review
  • I find it a bit odd that Emily decided to move into Grayson Manor but I'm kind of guessing that she did it because it's some form of revenge for her to live in the house that Victoria values so much.
  • I liked how Emily and Nolan seem to be planning and throwing parties together and quite possibly have been living together for the past couple of months, I just really love seeing their closeness.
  • I liked how Nolan questioned Emily about whether or not she was planning any takedowns at her party and when she answered no he was so happy because he thought that Emily has finally been able give up revenge and find a happy ending for herself.
  • I liked that Daniel had backed out of Marguex magazine and I like that she now thinks of him as a lazy loser on the downside Marguex new haircut is really awful who on earth would think that was a good idea.
  • It felt completely and totally random that Jack's working as a cop now especially since he was being arrested last time we saw him but on the upside his partner seems cool.
  • I liked how Nolan didn't really want to let Emily drive his car but after arguing for a minute he gave in and let her drive it which she then proceed to back into the car behind her and I liked how she told Nolan she'd buy him a new one.
  • I liked how proud Nolan was of Emily for resolving conflict without revenge being involved but I'm curious about why he wasn't more suspicious of Emily crashing his car and the person being right there because that is kind of similar to how Emily's revenge schemes have started out in the past.
  • I thought it was so creepy how Charlotte took Jack's son from daycare so that he would terrified although I get her being mad at him because she thinks he's her sole kidnapper but he real isn't so I don't like her punishing him especially if it involves his kid.
  • I liked how Victoria used friendships she formed with the fellow patients in order to help her escape.
  • I liked how when Victoria called and yelled at Emily about how she treated her so unfairly that Emily pointed out that Pascal's death was Conrad's fault not her's and that she would do the rest all again because Victoria stole her childhood from her.
  • I liked how Emily mentioned that Nolan told her that Jack looked like a stripper in his cop uniform and that she disagreed with that statement.
  • While I think this whole Jack's randomly a cop storyline is ridicules I liked how Jack wanted to be a cop because he knew that he could never be bought like the cops had when dealing with Amanda's and Declan's deaths.
  • I like that Daniel was willing to pay for Charlotte's rent even though he was broke and therefore couldn't afford it but I did like that he sold his car for her and that he was ripped off a bit while selling it.
  • I liked how Nolan called Emily the new queen of the Hamptons and I liked that he kissed her on the cheek afterwards and I have to believe that at least half the people at the party thinks their together.
  • I liked that Marguex told Emily that she was wrong to let Daniel color her earlier opinion of her and I hope those two can be friends in the future since I love them both.
  • I liked how Jack's partner was very impressed by Jack's connections that got him invited to Emily's party.
  • I was very sad to see Charlotte doing coke but I liked how Jack saved her from getting arrested and got rid of her coke and told her to get her act together. I was also disappointed that she was dating Gideon.
  • I really love the whole scene where Victoria escaped it was really great to watch.
  • I liked how Nolan and Jack talked about what happened with Charlotte and after Jack mentioned wanting to look out for her and her being involved with Gideon that Nolan mentioned that he almost did business with Gideon and then went to Marguex and told her about Gideon's dealings with both Charlotte and Daniel.
  • I liked how Emily got revenge for someone else in this episode because she thought that it would help them from being like her and I liked how mad Nolan was once he realized what was going on and not just because she went through with a takedown but because she kept it from him that she did it behind his back when he had been there for her since the beginning.
  • I liked how Nolan tried to convince Emily to come out as Amanda Clarke and how she told him that she couldn't do that because everyone that girl loves and has ever loved her is gone so there's nothing to go back. I also love that the thing Nolan was most upset about was that Emily shut him out.
  • I liked that Marguex found out about Gideon's scheming because I don't want her to trust the wrong people.
  • I liked how when Emily called Nolan asked if they were breaking up or making up, I'm also really curious about how it is that we're not suppose to ship them with lines like these. I liked how Emily admitted that she doesn't think that she can give up on revenge and I loved how Nolan called her a unique bloodthirsty snowflake.
  • I liked how when Victoria came to the door telling Emily that she was coming after her that Emily pretty much welcomed it because it's clear that Emily can't give up on revenge and she's glad that Victoria is giving her an excuse not to.
  • I like that David kidnapped Victoria because I don't want him to forgive her right away because she played a huge part in framing him and she destroyed his daughters life to save her own skin.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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