Tuesday, September 23, 2014

TV Review: Gotham: Pilot(1.01)

                                                        Gotham: Pilot(1.01)Review
  • The little girl pickpocket that I assume to be Selina Kyle I thought was quite clever with how she stole the milk but was a bit sloppy with stealing the wallet but I hardly think that matters since she's quick and clever enough to get away with the theft even after the guy noticed.
  • I thought that the killing of Bruce Wayne's parents was very sad and traumatizing for him to have to wittiness.
  • I think that police department looks like it's in complete chaos but I liked the way that we're introduced to James Gordon by him getting a gun a way from a suspect without having to fire a gun although Harvey didn't seem to think this was a good thing but I disagree with him.
  • I liked how James went over to talk to Bruce when he saw him off by himself at the crime scene and how relayed his story about how he was in the car with his dad when he was killed by a drunk driver so he understands what Bruce is feeling. I also liked that he promised to catch the guy that did this.
  • I liked how James knew right away that the conversation that Harvey was having with the captain was about wanting to be partners with someone other than James and how James refused to ask for a transfer and told Harvey that he'll get use to him eventually.
  • I found Mooney's mob stuff to be pretty interesting even though I didn't fully understand it.
  • I felt bad about the Mario Pepper getting framed for killing the Waynes just because the police department wanted to look efficient and that he also died for that.
  • I'm curious about what Barbra could possibly be hiding from James that the major crimes lady knows.
  • I liked that when James had a reason to suspect that Mario Pepper might have been framed that he started looking into and he was willing to look for the truth even if it could cost him everything because he wants to make sure that the right person pays for the crime.
  • I found Oswald to be fairly odd and that his relationship with Mooney was a bit strange but I also liked that his plans to pull one over on her didn't end up working out for him.
  • I liked that even though Harvey for most of the episode acts like he hates James that he still comes to try to save him from being killed by Mooney's men, although this almost gets him killed but I'm glad that in the end they are saved by some other corrupt police men.
  • I felt bad for James when he was put in a position where he had to kill Oswald in cold blood or be killed and risk Barbara also being killed and I liked that James tricked Harvey into thinking that he did when he just pushed Oswald into the water.
  • I liked how Bruce was trying to train himself out of feeling fear and how James told him that feeling fear is a good thing because it shows you where the edge is.
  • I liked that James went to Bruce and told him the truth about his parents killer and I liked how Bruce was glad that he was still alive because it showed that he had a vengeful side in which he wanted to make the person that hurt him suffer.
  • On a side note through out the whole episode I mental referred to James as Ryan because he's played by Ben Mckenzie who I know and love from playing Ryan Atwood on The OC, so I'm curious about how long it will take me to break myself of this habit.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode

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