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TV Review: Agents of Shield: Shadows(2.01)

                                           Agents of Shield: Shadows(2.01)Review
  • I liked how this episode started back in the 1940s with Peggy Carter taking away the 084 that seemed to turn people into stone or something if they touched and would be seen later in the episode.
  • I'm really sad that Skye seems so cold, empty and blindly loyal to Coulson's orders basically I'm sad that she became everything she was against last season and I really miss her even though she technically had quite a bit of screen time in this episode.
  • I liked Isabelle's team mainly because they brought a lighter aspect to this episode that on a whole was dark and sad.
  • I liked that Lance disliked the whole being left in the dark thing because someone needs to be pointing out that the way Shield operates is a problem.
  • I dislike that Coulson seems to haven't been around in weeks and has been neglecting his team and I really hated how he complained about having to fly coach seems like a pretty petty problem to have to me.
  • I liked that Fitz was up walking around, talking and even attempting to do his job overall I like that damage doesn't seem as severe as I thought it would be. I feel bad for Fitz with how it's clear that he still seems to have his  same generally knowledge base but doesn't seem to able to communicate his thoughts and ideas like he use to.
  • I like how Trip has come up with theories about the Koegnies because there are so many of them which makes me believe that they might not be human at all.
  • I like the friendship that Trip and Skye seem to have developed because it's one of the very few times throughout this episode that Skye showed positive emotions.
  • I'm glad that Coulson is having someone look into the alien writing although I'm not sure Skye is a great choice for that since the writing is somehow related to the drug that was used on both him and Skye to keep them alive so it might be harmful for her to spend so much time staring at those writings. I was sad that Skye seemed so excited to see Coulson because it's clear from that she misses him very much.
  • So the conditions that Shield is imprisoning Ward in are completely inhumane with having no access to sunlight and such things that are consider basic human rights so I really started to root for Shield to be arrested at this point in the episode because what they are doing is illegal and cruel.
  • I'm not really surprised that Ward tried to kill himself but I am surprised and appalled that no one seems to be concerned at all about this, I'm really upset that Ward tried to kill himself three times and there was no mention of him ever seeing a therapist probably because Shield loves treating him like he's less than human which just makes me hate Shield.
  • I'm actually quite proud of Ward that he found a way to keep himself from committing suicide even if wanting to help Skye seems like an unhealthy coping mechanism I think we should keep in mind that Ward as no real way to live for himself so it kind of had to be about someone else.
  • I liked how Ward told Skye that he doesn't expect forgiveness from her which I already kind of figured during last season when all he asked for was understanding but it's still nice to see I was right about Ward not believing he deserves forgiveness and I liked that he was perfectly willing to give information that she need and that all he wanted was to help her.
  • I think that Skye thinking that Ward enjoys killing people just shows how she doesn't understand him at all anymore.
  • I liked how Ward promised Skye that he will tell her the truth for the rest of his life. I also like that what he wants to tell her most his what he knows about her father which I'm confused about what that is since I didn't think he knew much more than that one story Raina told him.
  • I really hate how Coulson said that he doesn't care what is wrong with Ward as long as he gives them intel, this right here is why I will not call Coulson a good guy or a hero until he starts treating all people like human beings not things that give him what he wants or needs, also any good person would care about what was wrong with someone who was clearly suicidal.
  • I'm so happy that Talbot call Coulson out for his whole acting like a criminal with how he kidnapped Talbot and that Talbot refused to work with Coulson because isn't the good guy he paints himself to be.
  • I felt bad for Fitz when he talked about how he felt that he was being replaced and how he feels that everyone is looking at him like he's broken and how that is so not what he needs right now to get better he just needs to be treated like a regular person not like he's going to break at any second.
  • I liked that when Isabelle was dying from touching the 084 that Skye clearly wanted her orders to be to not go on with the mission and instead save Isabelle and I was both sad that Skye decided to follow Coulson's order rather than her own compassion but I also liked it because she is on her way to understanding who she said she never would because she's acting just like he did last season.
  • I loved that Lance didn't listen to Coulson's orders and instead got Isabelle the hell out of there and did all he could to save her life sadly though that wasn't enough.
  • I really hated how Coulson was willing to let Isabelle die over a plane and put even more of his team at risk to get it, I'm just saying that there's nothing good or heroic about valuing an object over people's lives or stealing from the military in order to hide from them because you don't like following their laws.
  • I was surprised when it was revealed that Simmons wasn't actually there but only in Fitz's head but I'm not really surprised that Simmons left because she's been loosing faith in Shield for quite a long time and if she feels that she wasn't helping Fitz by being there I can't see why she would want to stay.
  • I thought it was pretty crappy of Coulson to say that Fitz is useless to him now because he couldn't finish the cloaking device quick enough and I think it's wrong and down right inhumane to not have Fitz seeing a doctor regularly for his injuries basically I hate how Coulson values his organization over basic human rights, I really can't wait until Coulson realizes how far he has fallen.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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