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TV Review: Teen Wolf: A Promise to the Dead(4.11)

                                    Teen Wolf: A Promise to the Dead(4.11)Review
  • I liked how Deaton rescued a girl from a Wendigo who stays on a special floor at Eichen House that houses dangerous supernatural creatures.
  • I found the guy with the third eye that can show people the answers to their questions to be pretty freaky since he usually ends up putting people in comas when they go to him looking for answers. I liked that Deaton was willing to go to him find out about what's happening to Derek and I'm interested in what promised Deaton made and to who.
  • I liked how Melissa found the bag full of money under Scott's bed and confronted him about it and she told him that he had to return it to Derek. I really liked how she told him that he could save people's lives but not save them from life.
  • I liked how we saw Liam and Mason playing video games together and I liked how it was still clear that Liam was struggling with his fear of the berserkers and I liked that Mason noticed but I'm sad that Liam refuses to open up to him at all.
  • I liked that Derek and Braeden were able to arm and prepare themselves for an attack fairly quickly but I'm confused why Lydia showed up in Derek's loft to scream.
  • I liked how Malia woke Stiles up in the morning I liked how she mentioned that if she's going to watch a whole lacrosse game he better not suck and how he need to wake up to drive her to school because she had tutoring in the morning, I also just really enjoyed Stiles half asleep mumbling. I loved how touched Malia was when she saw that Stiles was looking into finding her birth mom and how she kissed him awake.
  • I liked how when Scott tried to return the money to Derek that he asked why Derek wasn't wondering why it took him so long and I liked that Derek completely understood why Scott would be tempted to keep it because anyone would be. I also liked how Derek mentioned that it was Peter's money and that he owned his building which makes me wonder because I always assumed his loft was in an abandoned warehouse but maybe it's not.
  • I loved seeing how happy and proud Malia was when she saw that she got a C- on a test and I liked how she showed it off to Lydia and Kira. I also liked that when Malia saw that she had failed a different test that Lydia told her she'd give her more notes on the subject.
  • I'm confused about why Lydia saw writing about death on the board but I liked that Kira noticed that Lydia was freaked out and tried to assure Lydia that no one was dying because the deadpoool was over.
  • I understand why Liam is trying to push Mason away but I really wish he wouldn't and I liked that Scott tells Liam while it's okay if he doesn't want to be part of the pack he shouldn't push his friends away.
  • I was impressed about how Chris tracked Kate's bersekers down to the sewer but I really hated how Peter stuck a pipe through his side than twisted it so he was stuck to the wall.
  • I really liked Scott and Kira's first real date with how there was whole bunch of pretty lights hanging all around Derek's loft, I also liked that Kira got the movie which was Star Wars from Stiles who is still so disappointed that Scott hasn't seen it yet.
  • I liked how it was pointed out that Derek doesn't actually have a TV so the have to watch the movie on a laptop. I also liked that Scott was confused about the order of the Star Wars movies because the first one is the fourth one and the fourth one is the first one.
  • I really enjoyed seeing Scott and Kira make out but I really didn't like it when Kate and her berskers broke in.
  • I liked how Eichen House decided to forgive the Stilinskis debt as a way of saying sorry that Stiles almost got murder there and I liked that Stiles said "he was never so happy to almost get murdered." such a strange but funny sentence.
  • I liked how the Sheriff wanted to take Stiles and Malia out to dinner and that Malia said her favorite food was deer and Stiles told his dad that she likes pizza.
  • I liked how Mason basically told Liam that he's going to be there for him even if he isn't going to tell him what's really going on.
  • I find it interesting that Kate blames Scott for her family going to Hell and I liked how Scott told her to take him just him in hopes that if she takes him she'll leave Kira alone but I don't think that his sacrifice really ended up working out.
  • I liked that when Liam heard from Stiles that Scott would be slightly late that he started freaking out with worry about it.
  • I liked how later when Scott was very late that Stiles told Liam that he really wasn't worried but when he texted Scott he said that he was very worried.
  • I liked how when Parrish found Chris in the sewers he refused to leave him to die and made him angry enough to help him get himself free.
  • I liked how Stiles decided to leave the game in order to go looking for Scott and that his dad with him and that Malia stayed behind in case Scott showed up.
  • I liked that Lydia was able to find out that Deaton was in a coma and that she was able to wake him up from it.
  • I liked how when Brett saw and felt that Liam was freaking out that pushed him down and told him that he was alive and fine and that was his way of helping Liam through his fear.
  • I liked that when Peter showed up that Malia basically told him that she doesn't want him there and doesn't trust him at all.
  • I liked how Brett told Liam about Scott being a true alpha and what that means and how lucky Liam is to have someone like Scott as his alpha.
  • I'm glad that the pack knows because of Deaton that Scott and Kira were taken to Mexico by Kate.
  • I found it rather horrifying that Kate's plan is to turn Scott into a berserker so that his own pack will end up killing him without even realizing it.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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