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TV Review: Reign: No Exit(1.18)

                                                  Reign: No Exit(1.18)Review
  • I liked that Bash gave Kenna a ring that belonged to his grandmother and I found it funny that Kenna wonder why it wasn't bigger but did want it all the same. I'm glad that Bash and Kenna agreed to at least try to be married because they are stuck together.
  • I liked that Kenna was a bit bitter about how fancy Lola's wedding is going to be compared to her's.
  • I liked how Greer pointed out that Bash was young and handsome and that she looked quite thoughtful of that point when she agreed.
  • I liked how Catherine brought Mary and Francis over to deal with the Cardinal because Henry can't and I liked how well Mary took over role of dealing with him.
  • I liked how when Catherine found that Henry had allowed for Penelope to tie him up that she tells him that relationship has to stop because he's allowing himself to be made a fool of and therefore France is being made a fool of.
  • I found Mary's brother James come to France to ask her to return to Scotland right away to settle the unrest that came about because of having so much French influence in their government.
  • I liked that Mary wanted to so badly return to Scotland in order to make sure their remains peace there but I also understood Francis point that it was a really bad idea to leave France at the moment with them being in a middle of a deal that Mary is in charge of and his father being mad at the moment.
  • I find it very suspicious that Julian won't talk about his parents and is far too interested in Lola's dowry considering he should be rich.
  • I liked the brief glimpse we got of Nostrodamus and Olivia being happy together although I was sad that he saw a vision of the plague coming back and killing her if she stayed.
  • I felt so bad for Kenna with how she had to deal with Henry coming onto her multiple times even though she clearly wasn't interested.
  • I thought it was petty and cruel that Penelope decided that Kenna should have to give her wedding ring but I liked that Bash stepped in to stand up to his father and mentioned how it isn't right for him to treat her that way. I was glad that the situation was resolved before Henry could do anything too awful.
  • I liked how Bash told Kenna that she shouldn't have to live like that and I liked how Kenna told Bash that she'd rather deal with Henry than have him get himself killed standing up for her.
  • I liked how Catherine came to Kenna for her plan of how to get rid of Penelope and I liked that she promised Kenna and Bash an estate far away from court that would keep them both safe from Henry's wrath.
  • I liked how Francis told Bash about how he wants to help Mary but he also needs make sure that he is doing what is best for France as well. I also liked how to Bash it was simple choice in his opinion to choose your wife over your country which Francis points out is something he could have offered Mary that Francis can't because his country has to come first regardless of how much he loves Mary.
  • I liked that Lola brought up to Greer her suspicions about Julian's strange behavior and I liked that Greer tried to reassured her but I also liked that it didn't stop her suspicions.
  • I liked that Nostradamus went to tell Catherine that he will be leaving with Olivia and I liked that Catherine refuses to let him go.
  • I like that Francis makes arrangements to go to Scotland together  as soon as possible because he loves Mary and wants her to be happy.
  • I found it really suspicious that James was so upset that Francis was coming with Mary to Scotland.
  • I liked how Kenna's talk with Penelope about how she needs to keep Henry occupy and tricks her to putting Henry in a compromising position so that Catherine and a Bishop could find him there and convince him that it is best for his kingship to get rid of her.
  • I liked that Francis found out about James's footman being paid with English money and how his unwillingness to talk just makes him more suspicious of James and whether or not it's safe for Mary to return to Scotland with James.
  • I found it a bit odd that Mary refused to belief that her brother would hurt her even though she has plenty of reasons to doubt him.
  • I found it sad that Nostradamus and Olivia had to part ways because Catherine refuses to let him go.
  • I liked how Lola checked with her banker about her dowry and refused to move the money into Julian's name and showed her annoyance at not being able to have the money into her own name.
  • I liked how Kenna and Bash celebrated getting their own estate together and I liked how Kenna got back the ring Bash gave her and when he asked if she wanted him to buy a better one that she didn't because he gave it to her and it made her feel certain each time she looked at it that someone will always look out for her, I also liked that they kissed.
  • I liked that Francis after finding out that James footman was hired to kill Mary at sea that he refused to let her go to Scotland because he couldn't risk loosing her.
  • While I think that it wasn't right for Francis to lock Mary in a tower I understand why he did it because when it comes to Scotland's well being she'll take every risk to her own life no matter how certain the danger to her own life is.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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