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TV Review: Reign: Toy Soldiers(1.19)

                                                    Reign: Toy Soldiers(1.19)Review
  • I think it's sick that Duke Deguise is willing to forcibly take boys as young as fourteen from their homes in order to fight for him.
  • I liked the fun little snowball fight between Mary, Lola, Kenna and Greer and I liked how Greer pointed out that no long ago they were talking about first kisses and now all but her are married.
  • I liked that Mary helpful told us that it's been a month since last episode but while I expected that things between her and Francis are still tense it also makes me sad.
  • I liked that when Mary and Francis talked about how her mother is under siege that Francis came up with the idea that they go to Catherine for money so that they could buy an army's loyalty.
  • I hate how after Henry heard that Elizabeth and not Mary will be the one that was to rule England that he called Mary useless and a burden because she hasn't given him what he wanted. I liked that Francis yelled at his father for this and demand that she be treated with respect although Henry didn't listen.
  • I was very uncertain about Mary writing to her uncle Duke Deguise for help because he is someone who has a large army and has tried to grasp for power many times before which is why he is no longer welcome at French court.
  • I felt bad for Greer with the way that her father talked down to her because she fell in love with a servant because one he was just plain mean and two she already was practically engaged to Castleroy so there was no reason to be rude.
  • I liked how Bash and Kenna spent the episode pleasuring each other and I liked how Bash's goal was to make her to forget every other man but him. I also liked that Kenna later on adopted the same idea with making him forget every other woman but her.
  • I liked how Catherine referring to Duke Deguise as the devil is something that Mary takes as recommendation coming from her.
  • I liked how Francis brought up to Deguise that the reason he was exile from court was because he went behind the king's back countless times and that this is the reason he dislikes and mistrusts him.
  • I liked how Castleroy was very nice to Greer's sister's with how he wanted to show the girls around the castle because he's heard they've never been to one before. I also liked that Castleroy told Greer's father that he didn't want a dowry for Greer's hand just to marry her.
  • I really felt bad for Francis when he saw that his father had made plans to start a war that he can't possibly win and he can't seem to talk him out of going to war. I was very glad to find out that his worry was in vein at this point when he went to Catherine and found out that she already put a stop to Henry's plans.
  • I liked how Francis despite wanting not to say yes to Deguise's deal to give him his army if Deguise will become his right hand man once he is king because he loves Mary and they need his army to save Scotland. I also liked that Deguise mentioned that the reason Mary wasn't at the meeting is because she wouldn't let Francis sacrifice himself for her country.
  • I liked how Catherine offered Penelope the chance to work as one of her ladies.
  • I liked how when Greer's father was trying to convince Castleroy to invest in empty mines that Greer tried to say he wouldn't want to because he does so well in the spice industry. I also liked how Castleroy told Greer's father that he shouldn't talk down to Greer the way that he does.
  • I liked that Castleroy set up dowry's for Greer's sisters and he made sure that Greer would be the one to oversee their wedding contract so the girls would be sure to marry for love.
  • I was very worried when it was revealed that Henry was able to make real plans to make war with England and Francis was forced into a position where he had to use Deguise's army for France rather than Scotland even though he didn't want to.
  • I liked that Castleroy gave Greer the right to sign her own wedding contract and I'm sad that no matter how much I love Castleroy and think he's a great person I just can't seem to ship him and Greer together.
  • I felt so bad for Mary and Francis when he had to tell her he was forced to break his promise to her and while I understand why Mary is mad that her country is being hurt I think it's terribly unfair of her to accuse him of not caring about anything but France because he clearly cares for both he just can't seem to defend both of them.
  • I thought it was so heartbreaking that Mary said she regretted marrying Francis because she loves him and refuses to risk him even though at times it may be what is best for her country.
  • I'm really worried about what Mary will do next to try to defend Scotland because while Francis cares about both their countries sometimes I think that Mary would gladly burn France to the ground to ensure Scotland's safety.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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