Tuesday, September 16, 2014

TV Review: The 100: Desolation of Earth(1.11)

                                          The 100: Desolation of Earth(1.11)Review
  • I liked how Clarke and Bellamy talked about the upcoming war with the grounders in that they both knew it was coming but Clarke is really disappointed by the whole situation but knows that they have to fight this war and without any help from the Ark.
  • I thought that the guy that kept making the fire bigger simply to piss off Octavia was jerk especially since this led to the group loosing almost all their food.
  • I like how Raven was trying her best to be cool with her and Finn being over but in the scene when Finn kept trying to get her forgiveness it's obvious that she's still upset by the break up.
  • I liked how Raven told Finn that her making bullets is to help them stay alive not too keep busy that he admits that was a stupid comment to make.
  • I liked seeing that there were survivors on the Ark and I liked how Kane went around looking for all of them and just generally spent his time making sure that no one else dies because of him. I also just really love how much his character has grown over the season so far.
  • I liked  the guy that had his arm stuck in the door that Kane found who when he found out about why the Ark was almost dead was because of Diane that his reply was "What a bitch my mom voted for her."
  • I kind of liked that kid that was so excited about getting to go hunting with Clarke and Finn it was a shame that he was stabbed.
  • I liked how Bellamy convinced Raven not leave camp because one he knows she won't survive out there on her own and two he needs her to come up with another great idea to save them all. I just really liked how Bellamy notices and values Raven's intelligence.
  • I liked how Raven came up with the idea of walkie-talkies so that they could fight all together against the grounders and therefore would have a chance of winning against them.
  • I liked how Clarke and Finn were brought to the grounders in order to save a girl who was badly injured by the bomb on the bridge because they no longer have a healer of their own.
  • I liked that while we see that Clarke feels guilt about the role she played in the girl's injury she is also outraged that the grounders would be teaching someone who is still a child to fight because this kind of behavior just leads to endless war.
  • I liked how Clarke had to get pretty creative with what kind of supplies she can use to save the girl because the grounders don't really have any real medicine or at least not the kind that she's use to.
  • I liked that Monty was helping out with making the walkie-talkies and I find that weird radio single that he keeps finding to be very suspicious.
  • I felt bad for Monty when Raven tells him that the Ark is most likely dead therefore his family is most likely dead as well.
  • I liked how when Raven went to Bellamy's tent and they hooked up that he told her he wasn't the guy that would talk her out of making a mistake but him telling her he wasn't that guy in a way did give her chance to stop  and think about what she was doing but she really didn't want to do anything but try to forget Finn at the time.
  • I liked that when the girl died that Clarke was sadden by not being able to save the girl and not just because of the threat to Finn's life and I liked that Anya who is almost always cold showed some saddens as well.
  • I'm pretty worried about Finn since he was led off to be killed but since we didn't see him killed I'm sure he's still alive.
  • I liked that Bellamy asked Raven if it helped after they slept together and I was sad for her when she said it didn't.
  • I liked how Kane went to rescue the Chancellor and everyone that was stuck in the room with him after he told him not. I was also really glad to find out that Abby is still alive and on the Ark.
  • I liked how Clarke escaped from the grounders by getting the grounder guarding her to give him as much information as she could get from him and having him lower his guard enough so that she could kill him and run.
  • I liked how when Raven voiced that she felt in some way that things would be better if Finn was gone this morning and now he might be dead that Octavia told her that she didn't wish this into existence.
  • I'm worried about Monty who just disappeared after picking up the strange radio signal once again.
  • I'm worried about Clarke who was trapped by another grounder trap at the end of the episode.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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