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TV Review: Reign: Liege Lord(1.17)

                                                    Reign: Liege Lord(1.17)Review
  • I liked how this episode opened with Kenna and Bash both telling each other why they were disappointed with being married to each other. With Kenna saying how Henry promised her someone titled, noble and wealthy and Bash really finds it awkward that Kenna is notorious for sleeping with his father.
  • I liked how both Bash and Kenna agreed to try and keep their distance from Mary and Henry due to their history with each other and that they might not love each other but they should at least find a way to like each other.
  • I liked how Mary and Francis discussed how Henry being mad his going largely unnoticed by the court and how Catherine is secretly running France behind Henry's back and that Penelope is a really good distraction for Henry and therefore a blessing in disguise.
  • I liked hearing that Lola had been courted rather nicely by Julian since last episode and I liked how direct she was with him about what she wanted and that was the same and liked that about her.
  • I was worried about Lola when Julian confessed that he never wanted children but I did like when he proposed to Lola.
  • I liked that it was explained that Catherine has an elite set of ladies in waiting who sleep with noblemen in order to find out political secrets and I liked that this one refused to sleep with a mad king and asked Mary for help getting out of the country and revealed to Mary a secret about her wedding contract.
  • I thought that it was pretty horrible and scary for Mary that the contract said that France got Scotland if she died before having an heir, also I liked that Mary was more concerned about Scotland than her own life and Francis first concern was that they could have Mary killed in order to get Scotland.
  • I liked how Mary went to Kenna to find prove of the document in Henry's chambers and I liked that although Kenna was frightened and didn't want to break her promise to Bash she went to Henry's chambers in order to save Scotland.
  • I was really rather frightened for Kenna when Henry walked in when she was in his chamber and I could tell she was scared too.
  • I found it sad that Mary's own mother betrayed her and Scotland for some money. I also liked how Mary came up with the plan to get word back to the Scottish people because it would cause unrest and it would mean that the contract would have to be burned in order to prevent a war.
  • I liked how Mary invited every Scot within a 100 miles so that Catherine couldn't figure out her real reason for throwing such a party.
  • I found it disgusting how Henry bragged to Bash that he was with Kenna earlier that day.
  • I loved how Mary gave the speech to the nobleman and his men about her marriage contract and what it means for Scotland and how she will die before she lets anyone take Scotland from her and then they all bowed down to her.
  • I liked how overwhelmed Mary was at being bowed down to and being seen as a real queen and I liked how impressed by her Francis was as well.
  • I'm glad that Bash learned that Kenna only went to Henry for Mary and protect her country and he felt like a fool for being upset with her.
  • I liked that Lola told Julian about her being pregnant and I liked that Julian agreed to marry her anyways because she still the girl he started to fall for.
  • I was upset and a little surprised that Catherine had all the Scotsmen killed after she figured out that Mary knew of the contract. I liked that Mary was so angry at Catherine for what she did and that she slapped her.
  • I liked how Catherine made a speech about how many men will lay down their lives for the queen and how it never stops so eventually you just have to stop caring so much about them because it's part of the job.
  • I liked that Francis comforted Mary about her loss of the Scotsmen.
  • I liked how Bash was able to save Kenna from Henry and I liked that he had went looking for her because he was worried about her and that felt that it's his place to protect her because she's his wife.
  • I loved how Mary got Catherine to burn the marriage contract by threatening to tell several nobles that the Kings mad and that would result in a civil war which Catherine wasn't willing to risk happening.
  • I liked how Mary told Francis that she would always choose Scotland over France no matter the consequences and I liked that Francis seems both frightened and impressed by this.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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