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TV Review: Reign: Monsters(1.16)

                                                    Reign: Monsters(1.16)Review
  • I felt bad for Olivia when she was having nightmares about her experience in the caves and I found it a bit disturbing that a tooth from the darkness was found in her wounds.
  • I continue to be disturbed and frightened by Henry going mad especially since he started off the episode by pouring wax in a nobleman's ear. I think that Catherine has the right idea of keeping  Henry away from the public and I think he should be thankful that she keeps motivating people to keep quiet about his episodes.
  • I liked how the Queen of the Bean was explained as a contest were one servant girl gets to become queen for the day and that Catherine used to hide it from Francis when he was younger which is why Mary doesn't remember it because Henry often sleeps with the servant if she's pretty.
  • I liked how Francis mentioned that Bash and him used to run off to the woods when they were younger on that day and I liked how Mary told Francis that it's okay to miss him.
  • While Greer's fiancé Lord Julian seemed nice and good looking enough I think it was pretty obvious that Greer still longed to be with Leith instead but knew that marrying Julian was what she should do.
  • I liked how Castleroy could tell that Leith was looking after Greer longingly in much the same way he is and I liked how he asked if he'll miss it here.
  • I completely understand why Lola is so frightened about not having a suitor soon because she really doesn't have much time until she'd be ruined.
  • I liked how Catherine and Nostrodamus came up with the idea to put Henry in a coma so that no one learns that Henry has gone mad.
  • I liked how when Bash return he surrender his weapon right away and tried to tell the guards and Henry about the threat of the darkness but I'm sad that no one listened to him and that everyone thought that he was just their for Mary despite him not mentioning Mary or making any move to find her upon arrival.
  • I'm glad that Bash was eventually able to convince Mary and Francis that he wasn't actually back for her but because he wants the help of the castle's guards to defeat the darkness because he doesn't want anyone else getting killed by it.
  • I liked how Catherine tried to find away in which she could use Penelope to get the vile into the Henry's drink.
  • I liked how Greer admitted to Leith that despite there being nothing wrong with Julian she's still unhappy with him because she loves him and I loved their kiss as well.
  • I liked that Leith tried to take all the blame for the kiss in order to save Greer's engagement with Julian after he walked in on them kissing.
  • I liked that Greer told Julian that it wasn't Leith's fault because she didn't want Leith to be too harshly punished but this changed nothing in Julian's mind so he calmly ends their engagement.
  • I liked that Nostrodamus informed them that the darkness is in fact human and I liked that both Francis and Bash went together to find it even though things were still pretty bad between the two of them.
  • I felt so bad for Greer for feeling ashamed that she loves Leith and that she disappointed her family and because of the way gossip works she knows that pretty much no one will want to marry her now which I think is terribly unfair but that's probably true about how things worked back then.
  • I liked how all the girls comforted Greer when she was crying and I liked how Kenna told her what she did was less shameful than her relationship with the king. I also liked that Lola told the other girls about her being pregnant.
  • I liked that Castleroy had made sure that Leith was freed from jail and was instead able to join the military.
  • I liked how Mary felt so clearly creeped out when Henry tried to get her to come onto Penelope and that she tried to get both of them out of that situation but Penelope ended up staying.
  • I liked how Penelope was able to handle Henry by making him feel like him being the one tied up was a reward for him.
  • I liked how Bash pointed out that it's a bit ridicules of Francis to be so threatened by him an exile bastard and I liked how Francis admitted it was more because Bash was his brother he always looked up to and trusted that he felt so hurt by his relationship with Mary.
  • I liked that when Francis thought that there was a threat near by he gave Bash his sword because he feels that Bash is better at using one.
  • I liked how Mary and Greer arranged for Lola to be Julian's new suitor and I liked that Lola worried about Greer's feelings despite her desperate situation but in the end agreed to the match.
  • I liked how desperate Bash was to save Francis when he fell through the ice and I'm so glad that he was able to save him.
  • I felt bad fro Greer when he said the gossip about her and Leith is the first interesting thing he heard about her but I liked that Kenna said that's horrible thing to say but I disliked that Henry then said she should be grateful because it gets the attention off her although I'm glad that it's clear Kenna certainly doesn't see it that way.
  • I liked how Greer accepted Castleroy's proposal because he's a nice guy who clearly cares about her and doesn't think badly of her for having feelings for a servant, while I wish there was a way for Greer to be with Leith I know it's not practical.
  • I liked how Olivia rejoined society and I liked that she wanted to dance with Nostrodamus but I was sad that he didn't dance with her.
  • I loved that Francis and Bash finally made up and that they now both know that the other doesn't want them dead despite what happened with Mary.
  • I wasn't surprised to learn that Henry was the one that order Bash to be killed but I was disturbed by it.
  • I liked that Francis talked Henry out of killing Bash and I liked that he was completely horrified by his father's actions.
  • I found Nostodamus's backstory about how he was married with small children once but they were all killed when the plague came through to be very sad.
  • I was sad when Greer saw Leith off and she wished he would look back and then he did and it broke my heart to see those two separated.
  • I was surprised that Penelope was able to play Catherine and that she put the vile in Catherine's drink instead of Henry's. I'm glad that Catherine found Mary and told her to get Nostrodamus before she passed out.
  • I liked how Bash described Henry's plan as a sort of horror show and informed Francis and Mary that their invited on pain of death.
  • I thought it was terrible cruel that Henry forced Bash and Kenna to marry each other and I understand why Kenna was so upset because Henry had promised her someone noble and titled not his bastard son but on the other hand I kind of shipped these two since like episode three so I enjoy this development even if the circumstances are really screwed up.
  • I liked that Bash used the nonsense titled that Henry gave him to give the guards orders to hunt for the darkness.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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