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TV Review: The 100: I Am Become Death(1.10)

                                              The 100: I Am Become Death(1.10)Review
  • I liked how Finn was concerned about Clarke being at the crash site because he knew her mom was suppose to be on that ship and the passengers on that ship all seem to be dead. I also liked that Raven pointed out that Clarke would want answers so she needed to be at the site.
  • I liked how Raven discovered some rocket fuel at the site and that this becomes important later in the episode.
  • I liked how it was shown that Jasper become popular around camp after shooting the grounder out of the tree and I also liked how it showed that Octavia was annoyed by his recapping of events and that Monty did his best to be supportive of his friend.
  • I found Murphy coming back after being seemingly tortured by the grounders to be an interesting turn of events that clearly caused tensions rise at an already tense time.
  • I liked how when Bellamy first saw Murphy was back at camp he was suspicious that he had been working with the grounders and thought that the best way to deal with him was to kill him.
  • I liked that Clarke and Finn came to the decision that they should let Murphy recover at camp and then get all the information he has about the grounders out of him and that Clarke says that if he refuses to leave camp after that then they'll kill him.
  • I liked how Monty confronted Jasper about how he no longer has a chance with Octavia since she has a thing for a grounder because this is something that I feel that Jasper needs to accept at this point.
  • I liked that when Jasper tried to tell Monty that he's just jealous that people think he's cool now that Monty pointed out that he has thought Jasper was cool for years now and it didn't take killing someone for him to see it.
  • I'm worried about how Raven doesn't seem to be able to get a signal from the Ark because that means nothing good.
  • I found the illness that the grounders unleashed using Murphy to be rather frightening because it just seemed to make people bleed a lot and that it can kill them. Also I liked how Clarke pointed out that the illness was biological warfare.
  • I liked how when Clarke figured out that the illness came from being in contact with Murphy and went to see him that when Bellamy walked in on this scene that he was concerned that Murphy had hurt her.
  • I liked how Clarke quickly came up with the idea to quarantine the infected that she got Bellamy to start gathering people up with little to no argument.
  • I loved how much terror and concern was on Bellamy's face when he learned that Octavia was the one that brought Murphy in and was therefore in danger.
  • I liked that some people like Octavia were immune to the illness and I liked that Clarke secretly  sent Octavia to go to Lincoln to find a cure.
  • I was sad to learn that there was no cure and worried to learn that the illness was only a way of thinning the battlefield and that there was a plan for the grounders to attack at first light the next day.
  • I liked how Clarke revealed to Bellamy that he sent Octavia for a cure and that he was really anger about it but on some level it was clear that he understood why she did but that doesn't mean that he doesn't hate that she did it.
  • I liked how when chaos broke out when it was clear the quarantine was keeping everyone safe from infection that Clarke shot a gun in the air to get the group's attention and pointed out that they can't turn on each other because it's exactly what the grounders want.
  • I liked how when Finn came up with the idea to stall the grounders by destroying the bridge that Raven came up with an idea of how she could create a bomb.
  • I liked how when Bellamy figured out that he was sick that he first made sure to let Jasper know that he would have to make the shot to set off the bomb since no one else could since all the other gunners were sick.
  • I liked how Murphy started to help in taking care of the sick in order to regain trust from the rest of the 100 so that he could stay.
  • I liked how when Octavia saw that Bellamy was sick that she rushed over to him and promised him that she wouldn't let anything happen to him and he reminds her he told her that the day she was born and she tells him he's told her that a million times, I just really loved seeing their love and care for each other they have even though they haven't been getting along recently.
  • I liked how Raven took it upon herself to plant the bomb in order to make sure that plan was able to work out and that even when she noticed that she was getting sick it didn't stop her from finishing the job.
  • I liked that Jasper did invite Monty along to go to the bridge even though they had been fighting and I liked that at first it looked like he wasn't going to come.
  • I liked that Bellamy questions whether Clarke trusts Murphy and that she says no but she says she does believe in second chances while giving Bellamy a pointed look.
  • I liked that Finn made sure that Raven was out of the way before the grounders attacked and the bomb went off.
  • I liked that Jasper had trouble making the shot at first but then Monty shows up and with an extra gun and tells him he believes in him and in the end Jasper's able to make the shot.
  • I liked that the plan with the bomb ended up working and at least stalling the grounders.
  • I liked that Octavia decided to stay rather than go with Lincoln because she doesn't want to leave her people. Also I'm worried about what kind of threat the mountain men are since it seems they're a different group than the grounders.
  • I'm glad that Raven broke up with Finn because she deserves better than a guy that's in love with another girl but I did like that Finn at least did tell Raven he loves her even though it wasn't enough.
  • I found it super creepy how Murphy killed the guy that put the rope around his neck while Raven was sleeping in the same room but I liked that it was shown by the end of the episode that Murphy isn't someone who can be trusted.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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