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TV Review: The 100: Unity Day(1.09)

                                                  The 100: Unity Day(1.09)Review
  • I liked how this episode explained how the twelve space stations came together to form the ark after the thirteenth one exploded and that they now celebrate this day with a holiday called Unity Day.
  • I liked how there was this conflict between Finn thinking that violence is something that can always be avoided and Clarke realizing that violence is sometimes necessary for peace in the long run.
  • I liked how Jasper had made some moonshine and pretty much the whole camp joined together to drink it and party.
  • I found Diana arranging for the Chancellor to be killed by a bomb during a Unity Day celebration on the ark to be cruel since she knew that innocent people would be killed and injured by the blast and I'm glad that she was unsuccessful in her attempts.
  • I found it sad how when Kane was certain that his mother was going to die that he said the prayer for her that he had earlier claimed he had forgotten.
  • I liked how Abby, Kane and the Chancellor figured out fairly quickly that Diana was the one behind the attack and that they just needed to find a way to prove it was her.
  • I liked how Raven was making sure that the bullets worked for the guns and I liked how when Finn tried to talk to her about peace she brought up how she thinks that the grounders only understand violence and that she actually volunteered for the job of checking that the bullets work.
  • I liked how when Clarke was worrying about if the grounders would attack that Bellamy told her that they had security covered and that she should have a drink and when she says she'd need more than he tells her to have more than one.
  • I liked that Bellamy told Clarke that she deserved to have fun and that she told him that he also deserved to have fun.
  • I liked how Lincoln left a trail of really pretty flowers for Octavia to follow and lead her to his home.
  • I liked how it seems that Lincoln might also be teaching Octavia how to fight as well as those two being involved with each other.
  • I liked that Abby wanted to focus on helping people rather than preparing the launch ship and I liked how Kane told her the injured were being taken care of and there's nothing they can do for the dead.
  • I liked how even when Diana came and told Kane and Abby about the guy that made the bomb turning himself in that they gave looks to each other about how they knew she was involved in it some how but it was still Kane's job to question the man so he went to do so.
  • I liked how when Finn found Octavia and Lincoln together that he told them about he believes what is best is if both their people would talk to each other in order to meet an agreement for peace in order to avoid a war starting when the first drop ship comes down.
  • I liked how even Lincoln knows that Clarke and Bellamy are the co-leaders of the 100.
  • I liked how we saw Clarke actually partying and enjoying herself before Finn came and talked to her.
  • I liked how Finn told Clarke to meet with the grounder leader and to not bring back up and just trust him that she ended up lying to him with saying that she trusted him and instead went to Bellamy told him Finn's plan and how she wanted him and few others to follow after them as back up.
  • I liked how Jasper went in Raven's tent in order to give her a drink and try to convince her to come out celebrate Unity Day with everyone else.
  • I liked how Jasper mentioned that he was good at chemistry and that his dad was someone who could make gunpowder once he got down here and that when he asked Raven about her family and she said she only had Finn Jasper told her that they all have each other now as family.
  • I liked how Bellamy recruited Jasper to come with him and that when Raven asked what was going on and Bellamy told her Finn was being an idiot she knew what he must mean and insisted that she goes with them.
  • I don't really understand Diana's plan with saying she was saving the working class by launching the first ship early even though she didn't fill the ship with anywhere near as many as it could hold and because of how much power she used for the launch she ends risking the lives of everyone left on the ark so no matter what way you look at it she comes off as way worse than the Chancellor who while flawed at least has always tried his best to keep the largest amount of people alive.
  • I liked how when Clarke showed up to the meeting that she noticed right away that the grounders brought weapons and that she wasn't surprised by this but Finn was.
  • I liked how the grounder leader Anya mentioned why the grounders believed that the 100 started a war with them although I can now see the grounder's point it's also pretty clear that the 100's actions were accidently or a reaction to something although it makes perfect sense for the grounders not to see it this way.
  • I liked how when Raven said that the grounder princess looked pissed that Bellamy replied that their princess has that affect.
  • I liked how Anya pointed out that a truce with Clarke was fairly pointless because as soon as more people from the ark comes down they can break it without any consequences.
  • I think that if Jasper hadn't shot the first shot one of the grounders would have because the two groups just plain didn't trust each other and the tensions between them at this time were just high for peace since there's no trust.
  • I liked that while Finn and Octavia were pissed that Clarke had brought back up that Clarke was glad that she did.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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