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TV Review: Teen Wolf: Time of Death(4.08)

                                            Teen Wolf: Time of Death(4.08)Review
  • I liked Stiles being restless without having Malia in his bed and I thought it was cute that even in his dream he needed to be the little spoon in order to sleep.
  • I liked how Scott listened in on his dad phone conversation and I liked the talk that they had about taking someone's life that they had.
  • I liked that Agent McCall mentioned that he noticed that Scott and his friends don't handle traumatic situations in the way that most teenagers do and he has a feeling their keeping something from him and he'd like to know what that is.
  • I liked that Derek had brought Braeden back to his loft after she was released from the hospital. I liked that Braeden checked on Derek's gunshot wound and said she was just protecting her investment when he asked what she was doing.
  • I liked that Braeden figured out that Derek was loosing his wolf powers and I liked that after learning this she decides that Derek needs to learn how to fight without supernatural powers.
  • I liked how Liam thought that the plan Scott and Stiles come up with didn't sound safe and I liked that Stiles himself described the plan as borderline idiotic and dangerous and that when Liam asked them if they have ever done something like this before Kira said it was probably yes to both those kind of things.
  • Even though I knew that Scott would be okay I really hated the plan because it made it look like Scott was dead and he was so close to death that if the timing was off he easily could have died which really worried me throughout the episode.
  • I thought that Melissa did a really good job of faking her reactions to Scott's death and I liked that it's clear she was really uncomfortable about the whole plan since it put Scott at such a huge risk of dying.
  • I liked that Noshiko helped advise Kira on what to do in order to make it look that Scott was dead but she also pointed out that the plan was terrible and very dangerous which did little to reassure everyone but Scott seemed to have faith in the plan.
  • I liked how when Chris was messaging the benefactor that Scott was dead in order to lure him out that Stiles was upset by his lack of assassin speak.
  • I liked that Braeden bandaged up Derek's bullet wound and then she decided that he needed to learn how to fight like a normal human against supernaturals now that he's loosing his werewolf powers.
  • I liked that when Derek said he could still win a fight that Braeden gave him a look that pretty much are you for real because really Derek has lost almost all his fights throughout the entire series and now he has less strength, I also liked that she showed him that he couldn't by beating him in arm wrestling.
  • I found Scott's dreams to be pretty creepy and I really liked them because they showed how he feared both not being able to protect his pack which was shown with Liam being killed and how he doesn't want to and is afraid of becoming a killer but it also implies that he might have to become a killer in order to protect his pack which is a pretty big conflict for him.
  • I liked that Malia snuck into the Hale vault in order to find information about Peter being her father and I liked that during her confrontation with Peter she showed that she really wasn't buying what he was trying to sell just because they are related.
  • I liked how Melissa asked Noshiko how she can ask their kids to fight the battles that they do and I liked that Noshiko answered that if she didn't do that she'd be asking them to runaway, I just really enjoy seeing parents talked to each other especially about their kids safety in a situation such as this one.
  • I liked that Lydia's mom followed her to the lake house because she knows that something is going on with her and she has no idea what it is and that when Lydia told her that she was trying to figure something out that she offered to help.
  • I liked how in his dream Scott mentioned that he noticed last episode that his werewolf teeth now has more fangs and that he worries that he might becoming more of a monster.
  • I liked how when fighting the bersekers that Kira and Liam both looked out for each other throughout.
  • I liked how Braeden taught Derek how to pull a gun on someone and I liked that there was a lot of sexual tension in this scene and that Derek distracted her by kissing her and then those two really started making out, I really like these two together.
  • I find it interesting that Malia's birth mother is known as the desert wolf which means coyote which would explain why she's a werecoyote.
  • I liked how Scott told Kira that he feels bad that the two of them have never been on a real date and Kira tells him that there really hasn't been time for one but the both would like to go on a real once everyone around them lives aren't in danger anymore.
  • I liked that Chris looked out for Stiles safety in this episode with how he told Stiles to run when Kate entered the room but I also liked that Stiles didn't leave since Scott's body was in the room and Kate was trying to take it which is something they weren't going to let her do.
  • I liked that Kate told Chris that she wasn't the benefactor and that her plans didn't involve Scott being dead.
  • I liked that it was mentioned that Lydia's grandmother was in Eichen house when she died and that she also heard things which must mean she was also a banshee.
  • I find it interesting that Lydia's grandmother's urn was filled with mountain ash rather than her actual ashes which suggest that she could still be alive and that she wanted to protect the lake house from supernatural forces.
  • I liked that Chris didn't want to shoot Kate and I liked that Kate knew he wouldn't shoot her and I liked that Kate agree to let Chris go along with his plan to lure out the benefactor.
  • I found Scott's last dream he had to be really creepy because it had the mute helping him kill Liam.
  • I was pretty worried about Noshiko since she seemed pretty badly injured but from what Kira says it sounds like she'll be okay.
  • I'm confused about why it is that Peter wants Scott alive so badly for.
  • I liked how Stiles showed that he was concerned about Malia talking to Peter because he knows how dangerous and manipulative he can be. I'm worried that Malia doesn't seem to care whether or not it's a good idea to trust Peter if he can help her find her birth mother.
  • I feel bad for Malia thinking that being a murder must run in her family since before she lost control on the night of the full moon she told her adaptive mother she wished they were all dead but I agree with Stiles that killing doesn't run in family and what she did is complete different from what Peter has done.
  • I liked how Scott figured out that by the Benefactor not showing up to confirm his death that points to the idea that the Benefactor is a banshee or has one working for him.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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