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TV Review: Teen Wolf: I.E.D.(4.05)

                                                  Teen Wolf: I.E.D.(4.05)Review
  • I felt bad for the werewolf girl Carrie Hudson at the beginning of the episode who was chased down by Violet and thought she was saved when Garrett offered her ride only to have him kill her.
  • I liked how Stiles recapped everything that was going on that the knew about the deadpool and had shots of him putting out the information on an investigation board with strings.
  • I liked how Stiles and Scott told the Sherriff everything that they knew about the deadpool and that just about everyone seems to be on the same page about these things in general is nice to see.
  • I liked that it was mentioned that just the town of Beacon Hills is 30,000 people which I think is bigger than your average small town and that it's part of Beacon county which has a population of 500,000 people.
  • I find it sad how when Alison's name was mention you can see how her death still effects the others.
  • I feel bad for Lydia with trying to figure out the next two key words to unlock deadpool because her powers are confusing and she never seems able to figure out things the same way twice.
  • I liked that it was shown that Kira and Malia stayed to look after Lydia after the party at her lake house when she was searching for the next key for the list.
  • I liked how Mason mentioned how he figured out that something isn't right with Garrett because the neighborhood that he said he lives in is still being built and that he also mentions he notices how strange Liam has been acting recently, basically I like that Mason notices strange things with his friends and that he seems to care about them quite a bit.
  • I liked that Scott seem to have called Derek for help when it comes to Liam and I liked that Derek believed that Scott would be good at being an alpha to Liam although Scott disagreed because he hasn't a clue about what he should be doing.
  • I liked how Scott mentioned that this term was suppose to be when he can focus on school again and I liked that Derek told him that since their all on the deadpool it's probably best to focus on that instead.
  • I liked how Kira thought her dad figured out that she was keeping information about the deadpool from them but he was actually talking about her joining the lacrosse team.
  • I liked that Malia had decided that she would stick around Lydia until she unlocked the next part of the deadpool and I liked that Malia kept trying to help Lydia even though she clearly has no clue about how Banshees work.
  • I liked how Malia freely admits without any shame that she wants to know if someone is going to come after her because wanting to know if someone's trying to kill you in my book is normal not selfish like I heard some people thought she was being.
  • I liked how Malia came up with the idea that maybe Lydia should call another banshee for help.
  • I liked how when Stiles was looking at crime scene photos during class that Coach told Stiles that he profoundly disturbs him and that Stiles figures out by looking at Coach's lacrosse stick that Carrie's killer is on the team.
  • I liked that Kira suggested that if the killer is on the team maybe they should try to get the game cancelled but Scott thought it was the best way to catch the killer red-handed. I also liked how Scott and Kira said they weren't scared but Stiles said that he was even though he isn't even on the list.
  • I liked how Liam when he saw his old rival Brett arrived he tried to make peace with him but Brett was a jerk tried his best to anger him which worked even though Liam did his best to stay calm but luckily Scott and Stiles stepped in before he could do anything that he would regret later.
  • I liked how Scott found out more about Liam's anger issues he wasn't anger with Liam just more worried about him. I also liked that Stiles pointed out that Scott gave super powers to a walking time bomb.
  • I liked how Liam had complete faith in Scott in that if Scott was around he knew that Scott wouldn't let him get out of control.
  • I liked that Liam knew that Garrett paid for the keg so that Scott, Stiles and Kira now knew to watch out for Garrett at the game that night.
  • I liked how Garrett refused to go after Scott even though Violet wanted to since he was worth a lot of money since he thinks Scott is far too powerful to risk attacking.
  • I felt bad for Lydia when she was talking about how she can't turn on and off her powers like the were-creatures.
  • I liked how Liam told Mason that he was going to take Brett down in lacrosse and how Mason was distracted by how attracted he was to Brett and that at first that bothered Liam a bit that his friend was into his rival but after Mason asked him to give Brett to him after he beat him Liam just laughed.
  • I liked how Scott asked Kira if she was nervous and she asked if he meant about someone possibly trying to kill one of them or to play in her first game and then he said both because both of those things matter to him.
  • I liked that Scott tried to have Liam not play in the game because he wanted him to be safe.
  • I liked how Meredith had escaped Eichen House in order to come find Lydia because Lydia "Called" her.
  • I liked how when Scott and Kira said they were going to look out for Liam and watch out for Garrett that Stiles said that he was going to just try and play lacrosse.
  • I liked how Scott tried to talk Brett out of going after Liam during this game even though it didn't end up working out.
  • I liked how Derek and Chris talked about Kate and what they would do with her once they found her. I also I was sad to learn that Derek was loosing his powers but hopeful this will only mean his werewolf side and not a way in which kills him slowly.
  • I liked how when Parrish sees that Sherriff called Lydia to the station on Meredith's request that Parrish assumes this means Lydia's psychic.
  • I liked how when Lydia started freaking out at Meredith for not having the answers she was looking for that Parrish stepped in and asked her if there was a number that she calls when she needs help and that Meredith does give them the number.
  • I liked how when the number isn't long enough to be a phone number Malia calmly tells Meredith all phone numbers are at least ten digits long.
  • I disliked how Lydia kept yelling at Meredith that there had to be more numbers because she knows how frustratingly vague banshee powers are and that Meredith is mentally ill.
  • I liked how Stiles was seemingly able to get the ball from the guy on the other team because he distracted him by asking him if he was on steroids.
  • I liked how Kira scored her first goal but was sad when she was benched for the rest of the game but I like that Coach seems to seriously value team work.
  • I liked how when Scott figured out that Brett was the one that was stabbed that he made sure to go after Brett to check if he was okay and I liked that he ended up knocking Violet out when she tried to kill him and told Stiles to call his dad.
  • I liked how Malia figured out that numbers are actually letters and that Lydia then figured out the code for the next part of the list which revealed that Parrish's first name is Jordan and that he is supernatural like we all thought he was.
  • I was disappointed that Chris said the old code rather than Alison's but I have hope that he sees the McCall pack as allies and the other hunter family as enemies considering how his interaction with the pack have been friendly this season and his interactions with the hunters have been antagonistic.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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