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TV Review: Teen Wolf: Perishable(4.09)

                                                 Teen Wolf: Perishable(4.09)Review
  • I felt really worried and sad for Parrish when he woke up tide to his steering wheel and seeing someone dosing his car in gasoline and I felt even worse for him when he noticed that it was a fellow cop that was doing this to him.
  • I liked how Stiles and Lydia went to the Sherriff and told him about how they believe that Lydia's grandmother Lorraine is still alive and quite possibly the benefactor.
  • I was glad to see that Parrish survived being burned alive and I'm glad he beat the crap out of the guy that tried to kill him.
  • I was worried about the Sherriff when he got shot but since it was only in the shoulder I knew he would survive his injury.
  • I liked how Lydia took Parrish to Derek's loft and along with Scott and Derek they informed Parrish about the supernatural stuff which he was greatly confused by.
  • I liked how Stiles told his dad about how he knew that they were behind by bills and that he was upset that he kept that information from him since Stiles believes that it's his job to protect his dad and I liked that his told him that he's the one that should be taking care of Stiles not the other way around. I just feel like Stiles needed to be told that since season 1 but I can only see that this hasn't kept Stiles from worrying about things.
  • I liked how Parrish mentions that he doesn't even know what he is although I'm sad that no one else seems to either but I liked that Derek pointed out that he doubts whoever made the deadpool cares about that.
  • I find it both a bit scary and bit interesting that the deadpool is now being sent out to just about anyone with their printer plugged in rather than just professional killers.
  • I found Lorraine's backstory to be pretty interesting with how she worked for IBM and she had a female lover Maddy who's death she predicted and how she spent the rest of her life after that trying to figure out why and how she was able to do this.
  • I felt sad when Lydia said that her grandmother drove Meredith insane and she drove to suicide but I'm unsure of how true that statement is overall.
  • I liked how when Scott saw that Derek had a gun despite Scott knowing that Derek doesn't like those he guessed that this had something to do with what happened to his eyes. I liked that Derek told Scott about him loosing his werewolf abilities and I liked how worried Scott was after hearing this and how he told Derek about his name being a cypher key.
  • I liked how it showed that Liam was shown still being very affected by fighting the Berserkers last episode and how he couldn't even focus on his conversation with Mason since he was freaking out so much.
  • I liked how Stiles and Lydia worked together to solve the code that Lorraine left for her and how Stiles pretty much just said try every important female in her life.
  • I liked how during Coach's speech about the bonfire that Scott's attention was on Liam because he saw that Liam was freaking out but trying to hide it during the whole speech.
  • I liked how Scott followed Liam to check on him and see if he was okay and I fully understand why Liam was freaking out so much with him now that Derek off the list he's now worth 18 million dollars.
  • I liked how Stiles came up with the idea since Lydia was suppose be the only one that could crack the code the key should be something about Lydia and then he asked her what was her and grandmother's thing which then lead Lydia to thinking about The Little Mermaid.
  • I found it funny that Stiles thought that it meant that Lydia would read The Little Mermaid movie and I liked that Lydia pointed out that it was a book first.
  • I liked how Lydia mentioned that she insisted on being called Aerial for like a year and how it drove her parents crazy but her grandmother thought it was adorable and that it was the key to the code.
  • I liked how Parrish described the last code be an already dead pool rather than a deadpool and I wasn't that surprised to learn that all the deaths occurred at Eichen house over the last ten years.
  • I liked how Scott decided to spend his time at the bonfire insuring that no one got hurt.
  • I liked how Mason told Liam that he wished he'd tell him the truth about what's going on not just because he wants know but because he wants to help.
  • I liked how Scott informed Malia that she couldn't actually get drunk and I liked that he tells her about how he thinks that they all need to stick together.
  • I was really worried about Stiles and Lydia as soon as they came up with the plan to bribe Brunski because he's a really creepy guy and well him having cassette tapes in his office just made him all the more suspicious.
  • I found it frightening that as soon as they got in the records room Stiles noticed that Lydia had added his name to the list. I was really worried about Stiles and Lydia when Brunski came and tasered them both.
  • I liked that Braeden impersonated an US Marshall again in order to get information out of Hag.
  • I'm glad that Parrish figured out that Brunski was involved in all of the deaths on Lydia's list and how that led him to believe that Lydia and Stiles were in danger.
  • I liked how when Lydia noticed that she and Stiles were chained to a support beam that she started yelling for someone to help them and Stiles tried to break free from the chains because he knows that there's a lot of people yelling for help in a place like this so her screams will go ignored.
  • I find it disturbing that Brunski sees himself as an angel of mercy with how he believes that he's helping the people by killing them but judging by Lorraine's tape I doubt his victims would agree.
  • I liked that when Scott saw that Malia and Liam were acting like they were drunk and then he started displaying the same symptoms he figured out that it was the music causing this happen so he went on a mission to stop it.
  • I thought it was sick how Brunski made Lydia listen to the tape of grandmother's last words because he just wanted to have a question answered.
  • I liked how Stiles told Lydia not to listen that she could just focus on the sound of his voice and I liked how he yelled at Brunski for trying to make her listen but I disliked how Brunski punched him in the face for trying to protect her.
  • I felt terrible for Lydia being forced to listen to her grandmother's last words especially since it was clear that her grandmother didn't want to die but knew she would. I also find it sad that her grandmother die begging Brunski not to hurt Lydia.
  • I liked that Mason ended up stopping the music because he wanted to help and even though he didn't understand why Scott wanted the music to be turned up he did it anyways.
  • I liked that Scott was able to stop his attacker from lighting himself, Malia and Liam on fire.
  • I liked that Derek and Braeden came in and fought the attackers off and I liked how Scott mentioned that Derek didn't have a gun and that Derek's like you're covered in gasoline and Scott's like oh yeah.
  • I'm glad that Parrish came just in time to save Lydia and Stiles and that he shot and killed Brunski.
  • I liked how Stiles and Lydia put worth their theory about how Brunski was the benefactor who used Meredith to create the deadpool even though it turns out that Meredith is the benefactor and was using him.
  • I'm curious about what Meredith's reason is for creating the deadpool but I did like that she was good with Brunski's death because she knows that he's a bad person.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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