Thursday, August 7, 2014

TV Review: Star-Crossed: Some Consequences Yet Hanging in the Stars(1.09)

                Star-Crossed: Some Consequences Yet Hanging in the Stars(1.09)Review
  • I liked that Roman was able to see the flight recorder and I liked that Emery thought that it was a bad idea to trust Castor or think that any explanation he had could possibly be good enough.
  • I liked that while Grayson is very suspicious of Drake he doesn't go straight to hating him and instead goes looking for answers.
  • I felt bad for Taylor when she was asking Drake to let her in at least a little bit and then he just snaps at her.
  • I liked seeing the tensions between Drake and his mom were they both want to protect each other but she seems to dislike every person that is part of Drake's life which causes problems and Drake while happy that she's back also resents her a bit for never being their to raise him.
  • I liked that Drake's mom was dead set against being involved with the trags even though they could offer her protection and she used to be best friends with Terri's mom.
  • I was disappointed that Roman was so quick to believe Castor's story when he had every reason to lie but I'm glad that he figured out that Drake's mom's story was the true one rather quickly.
  • I liked that Taylor told Grayson that she does trust Drake even though she doesn't know a whole lot about him.
  • I liked that Emery had Sofia help sneak her into the sector so that she could save Roman.
  • I liked that when Emery told Drake that Roman was in danger that he went to save him without question because Roman is family to him.
  • I liked that Terri ended up helping Roman with Castor by showing the flight recorder to her mom.
  • I liked how when Sofia kissed Taylor that she rejected her nicely and tried her best not making her feel bad about it.
  • I'm sad that Grayson figured out that Zoe was killed but not that she was actually the bad guy in his kidnapping situation.
  • I liked that Taylor told Drake that she need their relationship to be about more than just sex and that he told her about his mom coming back and how it's hard for him to trust people.
  • I'm worried about what's going to happen now that Roman and Emery's relationship has been exposed to the Atrians and I'm worried about the new weapon that the trags are making.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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