Tuesday, August 26, 2014

TV Review: Reign: Dirty Laundry(1.14)

                                              Reign: Dirty Laundry(1.14)Review
  • I'm glad that it appears that Mary and Francis were happy with each other on their honeymoon and are very much in love even though there's still a bit of conflict regarding Bash.
  • I liked that it was mentioned that Henry is actually setting Kenna up with suitors because I assumed that he wasn't living up to that part of the deal. I think it's bound to end badly that Kenna is pretending to be a virgin to an archduke.
  • I liked that Francis was clearly shocked and upset when he heard that Bash didn't make it to France which goes to show that he wasn't the one that order the guards to kill Bash.
  • I'm curious as to where Olivia as been and how she got there although they did mention that this thing called darkness has fed on her.
  • I liked that Bash made sure that Olivia was safe and he brought her to Nostrodamus so that he could take care of her.
  • I liked seeing Kenna pretend to virginal towards the archduke because she was so clearly playing him.
  • While it was sad that the archduke's sister died I'm kind of glad that the Henry's actions actually had the chance of having some negative consequences for himself.
  • I liked that Henry went to Catherine when he needed help covering of the Duchess's death because he knows how good she is at covering things up and coming up with plans.
  • I liked how Kenna figured out that Lola was pregnant and that she thought Lola was going to be Francis's mistress and then Lola told her she didn't want that.
  • I liked that Kenna told Lola about how one of her maids had an abortion and after Lola told her that she didn't want to have the baby.
  • I liked that Mary didn't believe that Francis would try to kill Bash and that she warned Bash about making threats about Francis.
  • I liked how cleaning is complete confusing to Henry and Catherine when they are covering up the duchess's death because it was quite funny.
  • I liked that the maid didn't want to tell Lola about the place to get the abortion because it could kill her and she didn't want to do anything that could cause Lola harm.
  • I liked how Francis told Mary that they need to trust each other because royals can always create evidence but it's more important that they take each other at their word.
  • I liked that when Kenna was certain that Lola was going to have an abortion that she told Mary about it because she didn't want her to risk her life.
  • I liked how when the Archduke mentioned that his sister couldn't write that Catherine came up with the story that she had a priest for a lover that tried to cover up their affair and then the archduke believed their story and asked them to never speak of it.
  • I liked that Mary told Bash to hate her and not Francis because she values their relationship with each other.
  • I'm glad that Mary stopped Lola from going through with the abortion but I'm sad she found about her thing with Francis and that she's mad at her for it. I'm glad that Mary does agree to keep it a secret from Francis for Lola's sake as well as her own.
  • I'm curious about what Olivia means when she talks about the darkness coming.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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