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TV Review: Teen Wolf: Orphaned(4.06)

                                                  Teen Wolf: Orphaned(4.06)Review
  • I'm curious about who left Kate the mix tape in her car and why they would give one to her as well as Garrett and Violet.
  • I liked seeing how Kate slaughter with the help of her berserkers a whole bunch of assassins and then tried to get the remaining ones to talk but she lost control before she could get much information out of them.
  • I liked how Scott's dad showed up after the game and told Scott that he felt like he should have been at the game since he promised to be around more and I liked that Scott was just grateful that he was there now, while I disliked Scott's dad quite a lot last season I do like that he's making a true effort to reconnect with Scott.
  • I liked that it turns out that Violet and Garrett are well known enough as assassins that FBI has a file on them and that they're nicknamed the orphans.
  • I liked how confident Violet was that she would escape somehow that when she saw Parrish's name it was pretty clear she was planning on killing him luckily for Parrish she doesn't get a chance to try and kill him.
  • I'm a bit suspicious about Peter seeming to have gained werewolf strength while Derek is loosing it and I don't think those two things are a coincidence.
  • I liked how Liam played look out for Scott as Scott looked through Garrett's locker.
  • I get why Scott took the money from Garrett's locker since it's clear that he and his mom really needs it with how they don't have enough money to pay the bills even though she's working a whole bunch of double shifts but I also get why Scott didn't tell his mom about the money in this episode because he knows the money came from killing fellow supernatural creatures so he might not feel like it's right to spend that money.
  • I liked how when Mason and Liam were running together that Mason pointed out how messed up it was that Garrett and Violet used them as part of their cover.
  • I felt really bad for Liam when Garrett went after him in order to make sure that Scott gave him back the money and got Violet away from law enforcement.
  • I liked how when the teacher asked Malia if she had seen Kira, Lydia or Stiles that day she asked if she would like her to try and catch a scent.
  • I liked how when Malia heard Derek calling her from outside the classroom that she just got up and left and clearly didn't understand why the teacher would have a problem with that.
  • I liked how Derek mentioned that Satomi the werewolf that Noshiko knew during WWII is a very powerful alpha who has mastered control and that he wants Malia's help in finding her pack in order to ask for help.
  • I liked that when Malia told Derek she wasn't very good at tracking someone's scent that he promised to teacher her.
  • I liked how Stiles and Lydia told Parrish about the deadpool and that he was on it. I liked how when Parrish first saw the number amounts he thought it meant that he was only worth five dollars and he seemed somewhat offend and that when Stiles told him that it meant  five million dollars he thought about killing himself for the money.
  • I liked that when Parrish asked why he would be on the list Stiles said that conversation is probably best left for another time.
  • I liked that Parrish reluctantly agrees to let Stiles and Lydia see Meredith in order to get the key for the third part of the deadpool.
  • I liked that Scott and Mason were both out looking for Liam after he disappeared I just liked that those two had a scene together.
  • I liked that when Liam's safety was concerned that Scott was more than willing to give back Garrett's money but was somewhat reluctant to give him back Violet both because he didn't want to break the law or anything and because he knows they're both killers.
  • I felt bad for Scott being out in a position were he would have to put both his dad and the Sheriff in danger in order to safe Liam's life.
  • I really hated that one Orderly at Eichen house especially when he not only tried to forbid Stiles and Lydia from talking to Meredith but also started mocking Stiles about how his dad hasn't been able to pay his medical bills which is just an awful thing to do.
  • I liked how Parrish stepped in and mentioned how the police had helped that Orderly out earlier that month and then they were all let in to talk to Meredith.
  • I felt bad for Scott when he saw the car crashed with his dad and the Sheriff and he was clearly very worried about them when he rushed over to them.
  • I liked how the Sheriff kept warning Scott that the berserkers were still around and to be careful.
  • While I'm not really sad about Garrett's death it felt a little bit sad how he believed that he could kill off the berserkers.
  • I liked that Lydia and Stiles questioned Meredith about the key together and I liked that Parrish kept telling them to go easy on her because he doesn't want a repeat of what happened last time.
  • I was surprised to learn that the Benefactor as apparently been talking to Meredith.
  • I liked how Deaton and Chris seem to have found Scott and were helping save him from Kate when he woke up.
  • I liked how when after Malia and Derek realized that they couldn't find Satomi's pack by scent that Malia suggest they think like Stiles and by that she means like a detective and I liked that they ended up finding the pack by doing just that in the end.
  • I liked how Liam kept trying to save himself by climbing out of the well and I liked how there was a flashback of him talking to Scott after the full moon about how he heals and what happens when he gets angry.
  • I wonder why Lydia's ear started bleeding after Meredith's freak out was it because of their banshee connection or something else.
  • I liked how Scott and Chris worked together track down Kate in order to find Violet in order to figure out where Liam might be.
  • I liked that while Chris and Kate along with her berserkers started fighting that Scott was still trying to avoid a fight.
  • I liked that Kate didn't let her Berserkers kill Chris and I was a bit sad to find that Violet was already dead.
  • I liked how Liam howled and that Scott was then able to find Liam and save him because of that.
  • I liked how Lydia felt guilty for pushing Meredith too far and I liked that Stiles told her it really wasn't her fault.
  • I liked how Lydia with help of Stiles was able to figure out the key of the last third of the list but I'm very concerned about Derek know since it was his name that unlocked the list which means he must be dying.
  • I was sad that Meredith died but I liked that Lydia was sadden by her death and that Stiles was there to comfort her.
  • I loved how Scott told Deaton and Chris that not only can't he watch anymore people die he won't and I love how he tells them he's going to protect everyone on the dead pool. I also liked how Deaton warned Scott that is a heavy burden to carry.
  • I liked how Scott ended up showing Stiles the money at the end and that the two of them then proceed to count it.
  • I liked how it Kate clearly didn't have time for Peter's bullshit and while I'm interested in those two possibly working together I don't think this means anything good for anyone else.
  • I liked that it was confirmed that Kate's goal was to gain enough control to rejoin her family's business and that Peter wanted his money back but more importantly power which we've always really known but it's nice to confirm that Peter has always been a villain and he'll always remain that way.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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