Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Book Review: Hex Hall: Demonglass

                                                          Demonglass Review
The second book of the Hex Hall series starts off months after the first book but during this time Sophie really hasn't gotten a lot of answers although she has decided that she wants to go through with this dangerous process called the removal in order to remove her demon powers because she fears loosing control and killing someone. Sophie's father who is also head of the council makes her a deal that if she comes to live with him in England for the summer and at the end of that time she still wants to go through with the removal she can, Sophie reluctantly agrees to this deal after assuring that Jenna could come with her.

Throughout the summer Sophie learns more about her father, demons, her family's history and her possible future as well as uncovering a conspiracy that will most likely lead to war with the eye. I really enjoyed Sophie getting to know her father because I liked how she recognized some similarities between the two of them. I liked that over the course of the book Sophie became more comfortable with the idea of being head of the council one day and that even though she tried to make herself like Cal as more than a friend once she found out that they were betrothed she just couldn't do it.

This book also deals with Sophie coming to understand why Archer was part of the eye even though he's a warlock and also coming to terms with the fact that despite what side he's on she still does have feelings for him. I really enjoyed the banter between Sophie and Archer just like I did in the first book and I really liked how their relationship developed in this one.

Overall I loved this book and it makes me excited to read the next one which is always a good sign. I also continue to love Sophie and Jenna's friendship in this book even though I feel like there wasn't as much of it as there was in the last book it was still great. Please tell me your thoughts on this book.

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