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TV Review: Reign: The Darkness(1.15)

                                                 Reign: The Darkness(1.15)Review
  • I felt bad for Kenna having to deal with Henry becoming creepier and kinkier in there relationship and her feeling like she can't say no to the new things he wants to try while still feeling uncomfortable about it.
  • I like that Mary is trying her best to find Lola a husband but I feel bad for Lola that Mary doesn't seem be putting much of any thought into Lola's happiness with the match.
  • I liked that Greer and Leith are seen to be very happy with each other's presence but I find it terribly sad that they both know that they can't be together. I liked how when Greer asked when will you grow tired of kisses that lead nowhere that Leith answers when you stop wishing they would.
  • I liked that when Bash saw that the door of the villagers home he has been staying at has been marked that by the darkness that he decided to stay because he wants to fight off the darkness.
  • I felt bad for Olivia as she told the story about how the darkness locked her in a cave and fed on her for months and that she was only able to escape because she was nearly starved to death so she could then slip out of her chains.
  • I liked how Kenna told Catherine about how she woke up in bed with a dead girl and how she believed the Henry was the one that killed her.
  • I liked that Francis was concerned about Phillip courting Lola because he knew that he could never truly love her and he as her friend wants her to be happy.
  • I felt so bad for Lola with how she could clearly tell that Phillip only wanted to marry her because he needed it for his inheritance but felt like she wouldn't have the chance to wait for someone better.
  • I liked how when Leith approached Greer with an invitation that she assumed it was from him although it turned out that it was from Castleroy.
  • I find it frightening that Henry seems to be loosing his mind and refuses to admit it because he's afraid of seeming weak.
  • I liked how Greer and Leith kept looking at each other all through out her dinner with Castleroy.
  • I liked how after Leith had saved Castleroy from being set on fire that Greer asked about their health but seemed more concerned with Leith's that Castleroy clearly could tell that Greer had feelings for Leith and although this saddened him he wasn't mad at either of them for it.
  • I liked that Francis ended up admitting to Mary that him and Lola slept together and that he was sorry that it happened.
  • While I understand why it was so upsetting for Mary having to lie to Francis I think it was completely unfair for her to demand that Lola marry Philip right after she learned that he was gay and therefore could never fall in love with her.
  • I liked how Olivia said she too ashamed to come back to court because the last time she had been their she was there to betray people and she left them when she needed them most and now feels that she's evil, I just like that she feels guilty about her past wrongs not that she thinks herself as evil.
  • I liked how Leith told Greer about how he had a new job opportunity in Spain that would bump him up to the merchant class and how she tells him to take it even though she doesn't want him to leave her but knows their relationship had to end someday, I also like that Leith tells her that he loves her.
  • I understood why the villager girl had subdued Bash to sacrificed for darkness but I didn't like that she did it. Also I was glad the darkness didn't kill Bash but I was sad that it took and most likely killed the girl.
  • I liked how Francis filled his Mary's room with candle and reminded her that he doesn't sleep with her just to make a baby but because he loves her.
  • I liked how it was revealed that Greer arranged for Castleroy to give Leith the job in order to help her soften the blow in ending their relationship.
  • I liked that Nostrodamus cleanse Olivia and told her that evil isn't something you are but something you choose and that she only has to be what she chooses to be.
  • I liked that Mary said sorry to Lola about trying to force her into a loveless marriage and I liked that Mary made clear that her fears was that relationship between her, Francis and Lola would turn out to be like the relationship that Catherine, Henry and Diane have and I like that Lola assures her that it wouldn't turn out that way.
  • I was a bit sad to learn that Greer is all but engaged to some guy she's never met before.
  • I'm glad that Catherine saved Kenna from having to go with Henry because I believe that he would have killed her if Catherine hadn't have stepped in.
  • I find it disgusting and disturbing that Henry seems to be killing women because he had been outplayed by them through out the season and now kills them to regain dominance over them.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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