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TV Review: How to Get Away with Murder: Let's Get to Scooping(1.04)

                  How to Get Away with Murder: Let's Get to Scooping(1.04)Review
  • I liked that this episode started off with a bit more of the direct aftermath of the murder and how we see a bit more of the start of Connor's freak out and I liked how Wes said that they planned to split up because he wants to get Rebecca out of there.
  • I liked that in present day that the episode starts off with Connor going over to Oliver's place and I liked despite his hesitation to be a couple he does seem to enjoy that Oliver views them that way.
  • I felt really bad for Rebecca when she told Keating that she only confessed because she just wanted the cops to stop asking her the same questions over and over again and because she knew that Griffin was just going to pin the whole thing on her anyways.
  • I liked that Keating told Wes how is involvement with Rebecca actually ended up hurting her with how his words are part of  the reason why she ended up confessing to a crime that she didn't commit.
  • I liked that Laurel found it admirable that Wes stands up for Rebecca as much as he does because she believes that they should all care about their clients so much.
  • I liked how throughout the episode Michaela was worrying about not having enough time to study for exams and I liked how Frank and Bonnie brought up the concept of a shooting star which I'm guessing is someone who cracks under pressure or something like that.
  • I liked that Marin the client of this week's case that was accused of insider trading was a self made business woman who seemed to have a lot of confidence and almost no shame which I admired quite a lot.
  • I liked how Marin trusted her employees completely and I liked that despite this Keating still had everyone interview Marin's staff because that kind of trust is often misplaced.
  • I liked that Nate is still looking into Sam's involvement in the Lila Standgard case but I think that it's a mistake on his part to not let Keating know about his suspicious since if her husband's a killer she could be in danger.
  • I liked that on the night of the murder we saw Connor freaking out in the car and mentioning all the evidence that they had already left behind and how they were totally and completely screwed.
  • I liked how when Michaela was ranting about how Wes shouldn't have the trophy because he kept screwing up that Wes offered to just give it to her and then she yelled at him that it doesn't work that way.
  • I both liked and disliked how Connor was willing to sleep with the assistant in order to get evidence that proved their client's innocence.
  • I liked that Laurel with the help of her boyfriend Kan along with Wes were all trying to raise enough money for Rebecca's bail.
  • I liked how Bonnie used seeing Nate break into Sam's car as a way to get the tape of Rebecca's confession from the police.
  • I was surprised that the assistant after Marin confronted and degraded him in front of everyone ended up killing himself but I did like that after it happened that Marin felt guilty about what she said even though he did betray her.
  • I liked that Keating was able to find the two other people that were working with the assistant in order to frame Marin for the crime.
  • I liked that Keating was able to prove that Rebecca's confession was coerced and her bail was then lowered to an amount that was able to be raised so that she could go home before the trial.
  • I liked that on the night of the murder or rather the morning after that Connor went over to Oliver's place and just completely broke down about how much he screwed up even though this probably wasn't a smart move on his part I liked the scene because it was so very human.
  • I liked that Connor admitted to Oliver that he actually likes him but I also still like that Oliver dumped him for sleeping with another guy because Connor deserved that.
  • I liked that Wes waited until he could talk to Rebecca about the phone to tell Keating about it because he wanted to gain her trust and I liked that Keating told him that was smart of him and that being the person that Rebecca could trust was a big responsibility.
  • I wasn't surprised to learn that there was evidence that implicated Sam in Lila's murder but I was a bit surprised that it was a picture of his penis.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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