Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Top 8 Character Driven Books

1. Wolves of Mercy Falls: This a series that might come to people's right away when they hear this topic but I think it totally meets the theme of this list. The four main characters of this series are all well defined and different and what drives the story isn't the werewolf drama so much as it is the characters thoughts and feelings, I think that's a reason that most people find these books boring is because they look at it as plot driven when it's actually character driven.
2. Impulse: This book deals with three teenagers after they tried to kill themselves and we get see what led them to that point in their lives and we see them do their best to make a recovery and we get to see how there situations look likely they'll change or stay the same once they get back home.
3. Perfect: This one deals with four teens trying to live up to the impossibility of perfection and how they deal with fail to reach this impossible goal that they have set for themselves and when or if they realize that their goal is impossible.
4. Tricks: This book deals with how five very different teens from all over the country end up involved in selling themselves in order to survive. This book looks at all the different ways and reason this may happen to someone.
5. Identical: This book deals with twin sisters who are from a very dysfunctional family that looks nice on the outside but is anything but on the inside. This book shows how differently the two sisters cope with their family situation.
6. Triangles: This book is about three teens who's parents know each other but they have very different things that they all suffering through as the book goes on.
7. White Oleander: This book deals with Astrid's moving from a whole lot of different foster homes through out her life that are all pretty different and shows how she's pretty different in each home as well, this book also deals with a complicated mother-daughter relationship through out the book.
8. Game of Thrones: This book has tons of different characters who are all different and interesting and all effect the plot in someway and the characters are what really makes me love the series.

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