Sunday, November 2, 2014

TV Review: Revenge: Repercussions(4.05)

                                              Revenge: Repercussions(4.05)Review
  • I thought it was really messed up how Victoria took David to visit Amanda's grave and let him think that his daughter was dead when she knew for a fact that she was alive this is just another thing David will hate her for later and another thing that proves she doesn't love him.
  • I felt so bad for Emily and Nolan being unable to get to see David and I totally understood Emily's anger over the whole situation because she's been wanting to see her father for so long and now she has to see Victoria the woman that destroyed him by his side while she can only see him on tv.
  • I felt really bad for Jack when the reporters harassed him and basically said that it was his fault that Amanda was dead and I'm glad that he yelled at them to go away.
  • I felt a bit bad Margaux that Victoria screwed her over by not repaying her loan by not allowing Margaux any sort of access to the David Clarke story even though Victoria owes her.
  • I liked that Emily put the idea into Charlotte's head that Victoria might've been the one that tried to have David killed and I'm curious if that is true or not.
  • I liked how Emily made sure that Margaux didn't get any press up to David because she wanted her father to have his right to privacy despite the fact that his privacy is currently keeping her from seeing him.
  • I liked that Nolan is worried about how David might not be the same person he was before he disappeared and that he's worried about Emily because of this.
  • I didn't like how Daniel cheated on Margaux with Louise but I'm glad that he also tried to end the relationship the same day it started.
  • I thought that it was pretty cruel and messed up that Charlotte took David to meet Jack's kid and lead him to believe that it was his grandchild knowing full well that's not true. I felt bad for both David and Jack being put in those positions.
  • I'm glad that Emily pointed out to Victoria how cruel she is to keep her from her father both now and when she was a little girl. Also I have no idea why Victoria is so smug since there's no way this plan isn't going to end up exploding in her face soon or later.
  • I liked that David went to see Nolan and I liked how Nolan was so clear happy and emotional about their reunion.
  • While I'm frustrated that Nolan didn't tell David about Emily I understand that he didn't because he respects her too much to ever take that choice away from her.
  • I liked how both Jack and Nolan reassured Emily that she still has a chance at a relationship with her father despite the fact that she did terrible things in his name.
  • I liked how Emily used Margaux and Daniel in order to get David back to the beach house and reform his bond with at least his memories of her.
  • I liked how Jack called Charlotte out on how horrible and cruel she has been behaving this season.
  • I liked how the chief guy told Jack's partner that nothing good could come from trying to solve Conrad's murder because that just seems true.
  • I liked how Emily wanted to allow her father time to get ready before she relieved that she was still alive but I don't really know if it's a good idea for her to wait.
  • I'm very worried that David might go after Nolan because he thinks that Nolan didn't give Emily the money and it makes me so sad and anger that after everything that Nolan did to help Emily and with how much he loves her that David might believe that Nolan didn't care about her when that's the furthest thing from the truth.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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