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TV Review: Revenge: Damage(4.06)

                                                   Revenge: Damage(4.06)Review
  • I liked how we saw Emily watching her father take a morning swim and I liked how this showed that she was both longing to talk to him again but I also afraid to do so.
  • I was quite surprised that the guy that Charlotte hooked up with actually wanted to kidnap her and hold her for ransom. I'm really confused about why this guy kidnapped her and why he was interested in David Clarke since he had a whole bunch of articles on him.
  • I don't understand why David isn't suspicious of Victoria considering that she was very worried about what he might say in his interview and how she wanted to come up with talking points and overall just wanted to control the whole thing should've made David wonder why she would act like this if she wasn't keeping anything from him.
  • I liked how when Nolan was hacking into the FBI for Emily to get information about her father that he pointed out that it would probably be for the best for her if she just faced her fears and confronted her father. I also liked that Emily felt that something was off about her father's story because she's right to think that way since we know that David is lying about where he's been.
  • I liked that Charlotte fought off her attacker not so happy that she accidently killed her attacker but I liked how she called Emily to help her out.
  • I'm glad that once Victoria found out that Louise was Daniel's client that she told him that she met her in a mental hospital because that's just the kind of thing that people should be aware.
  • I liked that when Jack found out that his partner was harassing people in order to try and solve Conrad's murder that Jack told him to just keep away from it and he was also pretty pissed that his partner suspected him as the killer last week because who wouldn't be.
  • I found it so sweet but also quite sad in hindsight how happy and pretty much in awe Nolan was when David came over to his house and I liked how Nolan told David he'd be there to support him in his interview no questions asked because David means so much to Nolan and he's so happy he's back.
  • So this episode made it clear that Louise is really crazy with the whole hallucination thing and that she wants Victoria to be a mother figure to her.
  • I liked how Emily told Charlotte that she's never killed anyone and that what she truly excels at is erasing herself completely and that she's done far too good of job at it. I also liked that Emily told Charlotte that Victoria killed Aiden.
  • I liked that Emily told Charlotte that she had to take control over her own life by owning up to her mistakes and I liked how this got through to Charlotte enough to make her decide to check herself into rehab.
  • I'm concerned for Margaux since Louise is setting her sights on her in order to get closer to Victoria.
  • I liked how Louise told Daniel that her plans had nothing to do with him and I liked how she gave the very valid reason as she didn't want him to judge her as to why she didn't tell him about the time she spent in the mental hospital.
  • I understood both why Emily wasn't sure if she couldn't trust David and that she need to go investigate where he had supposedly been held prisoner since his "death" but I also understood how Nolan didn't feel the need to ask questions and he just wanted to be there for David in a time when he needs support.
  • I liked how when Victoria question Nolan's friendship with David that Nolan told her that they were always close even when David was in prison and Victoria had abandoned him.
  • I liked that when Jack's partner was being a jerk at the wake by interrogating the daughter of the dead cop that Jack step in and stopped him because there's a time and place for this sort of thing and at wake is certainly not the time or place.
  • I felt so bad for Nolan when David accused him on live television of cheating his daughter out of her inheritance which we all know that he didn't do but Nolan can't say anything to defend himself because he can't reveal Emily's secret on while the cameras are rolling so he just has to take David spouting how much he hates him and will never forgive me and it was just heartbreaking to watch because we know how much Nolan loves both David and Emily and we know that Nolan didn't do anything wrong here.
  • I really hated how David decided to confront Nolan about the inheritance on live TV because while I can understand why David would have a reason to doubt Nolan he also knows how loyal Nolan and how something like this is completely out of character for Nolan so I think that David should have confronted Nolan in private about this because if there was something more to the story(like there is) he was never going to get any real answers on live TV so this whole thing just really pisses me off because this isn't about getting answers it's about hurting the one person that never stopped believing in him.
  • I liked how when Charlotte was leaving she told Victoria that Emily deserves to have a relationship with David and that whatever planning she's working on isn't going to work out in the end and she's not going to sit around and watch Victoria tell her lie. I like that when Victoria said that all she did was try to keep their family together that Charlotte pointed out that she just tore them apart in the end.
  • I liked that when David confronted Nolan after the interview that Nolan was upset with David for thinking that he would ever think that he would do something like that and I liked Nolan was hurt that David didn't take him at his word because Nolan always believed in David even when the rest of the world thought he was guilty Nolan believed he was innocent and he did everything he could to help David out.
  • I was so upset when David punched Nolan and Nolan was so upset by this whole confrontation as well and it was just sad to see him like this. On the plus side I liked that Emily walked in right he was punched and went over to check if he was all right.
  • I find it very suspicious that there was a double infinity sign craved into a pole of the dead cop's garage.
  • I liked the goodbye scene that Charlotte and Daniel shared it was a really nice sibling scene.
  • I liked that Emily wrote Charlotte a letter and I'm curious about what it says.
  • I really hate everything about the David and Victoria relationship because he really has no reason to trust her at all yet he does completely.
  • I liked that Nolan told Emily that it was time that she told her father the truth and I agree with him but considering that Emily now has good reason to believe that her father lied about where he's been for the last decade I can understand why she doesn't feel like it's safe to.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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